The Office Staple That Will Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free In Your Luggage

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You've spent the past hour rummaging through your closet and drawers for your favorite outfits. The pile on your bed started off as a few shirts delicately placed upon the covers, but quickly grew into a mini mountain of clothes including shirts, pants, sweatshirts, and jackets tossed on top of each other. Across from it sits an open suitcase waiting to be filled. You know all the tips and tricks for maximizing storage and packing light, but you're still stumped on how to fit your clothes in such a way that doesn't leave them wrinkled.

One solution may surprise you. It doesn't require any fancy gear, but rather something simple you can find at most office supplies and big box stores for just a couple of dollars: plastic file folders. These primary school staples have a second purpose that has nothing to do with the classroom. Using them for packing is great because they neither take up too much space nor add a bunch of weight to your bag. They can make your life easier by keeping your clothes wrinkle-free when you travel.

Folders for packing

To use plastic file folders for packing, all you have to do is put your folded clothes inside one of them. Use one folder for each folded garment. There's no fancy way to fold your clothes for this; just do it as you typically would. Your clothes are stiff and secure when enclosed by the folder, meaning they won't have space to move around and create wrinkles. So whether you're packing an outfit for a night out or bringing shirts for business meetings, your clothes should remain wrinkle-free with this method.

For those looking for a fancier alternative, packing folders are the way to go. These cloth folders are similar to packing cubes in terms of function. They help you save space while keeping your clothes from wrinkling. Like with the plastic file folders, you simply fold your clothes and tuck them inside. You likely won't need multiple packing folders; just one fits plenty of garments.

Choose your colors and sizes

Many travel-savvy individuals swear by packing folders as one of the only methods that works to (mostly) prevent wrinkles. "Haven't traveled without mine for many years. Probably the best – and longest-lasting travel product I've ever owned," one Amazon reviewer wrote after purchasing the Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folder Packing Organizer. "Mine still looks as good as it did the day I bought it, and I currently travel over 30 times a year. It's a great way to keep clothes neatly packed and relatively wrinkle-free. Have tried lots of tips that are guaranteed to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. This one comes the closest to delivering on that promise."

Whether you choose a plastic file folder or a packing folder, both can help keep your clothes neat and organized while minimizing wrinkles as much as possible. You can find both types of folders online, and plastic file folders can also be found in physical stores. Customize your folder by choosing your favorite colors and selecting the sizes that best fit your needs.