The Best Method For Packing Handbags In Your Luggage

Sometimes, a personal carry-on bag just isn't enough. Whether you're going away on a glamorous trip or just aiming to get off the beaten path, you may need to bring an extra handbag or two. While we all know that the top packing strategy is to be ruthless, you might genuinely need additional handbags. For example, if you typically travel with a backpack purse, you may also need an evening clutch if you're going to be eating out at nicer spots. 

While handbags aren't exactly breakable, they still need to be packed with care. If you have a bag that boasts a more complex structural design, you definitely don't want it getting crushed in your luggage in case it loses its shape. You also want to protect the hardware — anything from the zippers to the feet, clasps, and decorative pieces of the bag. But you also want to make sure additional bags and purses don't eat up precious space in your luggage. We all know that every last inch counts when it comes to packing, and thankfully, we've got it figured out when it comes to protecting your bags and making the most of packing room.

Let your handbags do some work for you

When packing, space is the ultimate commodity, so make sure that your handbags don't take up too much room without doing some work for you. If the bags are soft and can be rolled, this tends to be the best packing technique, since rolled items take up less space. However, if the bag is too firm and structural to be rolled, fill your handbags with smaller items like underwear, socks, or shirts. 

While you want your handbag to hold extra clothing when you pack it in your suitcase, stuffing your bag is also a way of protecting it. The weight of a suitcase could crush a bag, and without anything stuffing it, the bag could get damaged. It helps to maintain the bag's shape and prevents creasing. If you have a luxury bag, fill the bag with extra clothing and underwear and put the bag in its dust bag to maintain its integrity. If you don't have a dust bag, you can also use a clean pillowcase to protect it. This way, your handbags arrive in pristine shape, and you're able to maximize suitcase space.

What handbags to pack on a trip

Make sure that your handbags are worth the effort of packing. Opt for bags that can work with several different outfits so you don't need to bring too many with you. Neutral colors like camel and brown tend to be a workable choice. Be mindful of what your itinerary is as well. If your trip is very casual and relaxed, you may not want to bother with a designer bag, as anything more valuable will require more fussing. Because let's be honest, no matter how carefully you pack your suitcase, the contents tend to come back a little worse for wear.

While it's up to each individual traveler, a capsule wardrobe makes packing easier. The same goes for bags. A good rule of thumb is to pack a small crossbody bag, a woven straw bag, and a backpack purse. This way, you have all of your bases covered. The crossbody bag doesn't take up much space and can work well for nicer, evening looks. The straw bag is great for strolling around new cities and hitting the beach. And of course, a backpack purse is a great travel essential, whether on the plane or on a hike, since it's comfortable and you can navigate airports and train stations hands-free.