The Laundry Staple That Makes For The Perfect Campsite Garbage Can

We want to make sure that our experiences of camping don't damage the environment. For this reason, we're very invested in leaving campsites clean. Heck, why not leave them even better than we found them? Part of this rigor of Leave No Trace camping includes cleaning up our garbage and taking it with us when we go.

There are many ways to be mindful while camping so that our carbon footprint doesn't impact Mother Nature, and this includes but isn't limited to garbage. We want to make sure that nature stays as pristine as possible so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of camping and time in the great outdoors. From New York's breathtaking national and state parks to the national parks on the West Coast, there are countless amazing places to visit in America, whether solo or with the family in tow. So with this in mind, we've sourced one great hack for cleaning up after ourselves that involves a cheap and simple laundry staple: a collapsible hamper.

Use a collapsible laundry hamper at your campsite

No matter how sustainably you try to pack, the chances are that you're going to have a little bit of garbage while camping. One easy way to collect it all is by packing a collapsible laundry hamper. Since it pops up, the laundry hamper packs up small, making for easy storage when it's not being used. When it's time to collect garbage, simply pop up the hamper and line it with a garbage bag.

There are several ways, though, to reduce the quantity of garbage while camping. We know that disposable plates and cutlery make life easier, but reusable dishware is so much better for the environment. Plus, it's cheaper in the long run. Use cloth towels and rags instead of paper towels, and simply launder at home after the trip. As part of the Leave No Trace camping philosophy, you want to leave your campsite the same or even better than when you arrived. So with an easy-to-use garbage can, you can collect any garbage left behind by others too.

Also, when it comes to water, opt for a large water jug, like a 2-5-gallon jug, and refill reusable water bottles from that. This eliminates single-use plastic water bottles while camping. If you need something to collect your recyclable items, opt for another collapsible laundry hamper in a different color so that you can have a simple system to collect those items as well.