Find And Book The Best Seats For Your Next Flight With This Trick

Flying to a new destination is thrilling but can also be very uncomfortable. We've all been there — squished into a middle seat or stuck next to the bathrooms. It's impossible to sleep because of foot traffic and the constant sound of toilets flushing. But, when you glance to your left, you notice there are three people in an emergency exit row with double the leg room. Are they just lucky? Or did they book that seat on purpose?

Whether travelers have a flight booked already or plan to book a flight soon, travel hacks like SeatGuru, Expert Flyer, and AeroLOPA help passengers find the best seats available. The websites are easy to use and offers valuable tips to make flying more comfortable. Want to sit next to a power outlet? Looking for the best seat to take a nap on your next flight? How about avoiding seats that don't recline? The right seat is just a few clicks away. 

How to use travel hack to find the best seats

The most popular website for choosing better airplane seats is SeatGuru. From the homepage, users can select their airline, trip date, and flight number, find the correct flight, and select "View Map." This brings up a seating chart of the airplane. To the right of the seating chart is a ton of fantastic information, like the pitch and width of seats, previous travelers' photos of the airplane, a list of all in-flight amenities, an overview of the aircraft, comments made by former passengers, and a Seat Map Key. Need more legroom on your next flight? The Seat Map Key will help locate the best options.

While SeatGuru might be the most popular website for picking airplane seats, it has competition. Some travelers believe SeatGuru isn't actively maintained and instead opt for other sites, like Expert Flyer and AeroLOPA. Similarly to Seat Guru, Expert Flyer lets visitors follow a color-coded legend to find the best seats. The main perk is that Expert Flyer allows users to set alerts so that soon-to-be passengers will get notified if a better seat becomes available. AeroLOPA has only added airlines they are most familiar with to their site. However, it's no wonder many travelers rely on them as they claim only ever to publish reliable and accurate information. Whichever airplane seat map website you choose, start and end every journey with the best airplane seats available.