Keep Mice Away From Your Campsite With This Bathroom Staple

Camping is so much more than just setting up a tent and rolling out a sleeping bag, and there is a wide range of styles. If you're after peace and tranquility, there's an art to quiet camping. If you want to try solo camping, there are many ways to perfect and enjoy the solitary experience. Or, if you're after a daring adventure, there are some absolutely insane cliff camping destinations where you can secure your tent to the side of a cliff.

Once you've narrowed down what kind of experience you want to have, the next step is to create a campsite that works for the camping trip. If you're traveling with a dog, there are some particular ways to make your campsite more safe and efficient for your pup. While there are some animals you may want in your campsite, there are others that you want to stay out. While we might initially think of bears or mountain lions — and those are legitimate — we also want mice to stay away. Thankfully, there's a little trick to keeping mice away from your campsite.

Irish Spring soap may help deter mice from your campsite

While it might sound unlikely, Irish Spring soap has long been lauded as a rodent deterrent. You can use Irish Spring both while you're camping and to winterize your camper and supplies. Mice seem to be repelled by the smell of this particular brand of soap, and since it's safe for pets and kids, it's become a popular method to keep mice out of the way.

Note areas in your camper where mice might like to enter or nest and grate a bar of Irish Spring with a cheese grater. Then sprinkle the gratings around the areas. In some cases, the gratings can get really messy, so if you're concerned about the mess, you can simply place a full, opened bar in a small space, like a drawer or the back of a closet.

As with many household hacks that repel rodents, this may work for some but not always for others. Some people report that mice actually eat the bars of soap, so it can be an occasional miss. It's best to test an area and see if mice eat the soap before sprinkling grated soap all over your space. While it may not always work, the Irish Spring soap hack can be a clever way to keep mice out of your camping space.