The Simple Tip For Making Sure You Don't Lose Your House Keys While Traveling

Imagine the scene: you've just arrived at your front door after a rejuvenating vacation. You're eager to go inside, set down your suitcase, and relax on the couch. However, you just can't remember where you put your keys. You spend the next several minutes searching and emptying your bags, but you have no luck. You end up calling a locksmith and spending a pretty penny to get back inside.

So, how can you prevent this stressful situation from occurring? Well, it's actually quite simple. The next time you head out on vacation, pack your keys in a secure spot in your luggage. Whether that's an inside pocket or in a small compartment at the bottom of your suitcase, be intentional about where you store your keys. And take note of where you put them! Throwing them somewhere as you rush to leave will likely cause hassle when you return from your trip. But some easy, careful planning will ensure you don't lose your keys. However, there are a few things to consider when packing this necessity.

Pack your keys in a carry-on bag

If you're traveling by plane, keep your keys in a carry-on bag. Storing them in a checked bag could be problematic in the rare event that your luggage gets damaged, lost, or stolen. The only exception should be if your keys are more than seven inches, as carrying on keys of that size generally goes against TSA rules. But chances are your keys are much smaller than that. If you're more comfortable storing your keys in your larger checked luggage, make that switch once arriving at your destination. Just remember to put them back in your carry-on bag before your flight back home!

When you pack your keys, you'll want to store them in a spot that's safe yet convenient. If you're traveling with a partner, close friend or family member, have them pack a set in a secure and memorable part of their luggage. This'll give you a reliable cushion if you lose your keys.

Hide a spare key in a safe spot

Is there anything else you can do to safeguard your house keys? Fortunately, there's an additional step you can take that'll ensure a smooth return. Before heading out on vacation, consider making and hiding a spare key. Knowing you have a backup will also give you peace of mind during your travels. But you shouldn't just put your extra set anywhere. When hiding your spare, it's important to choose an unexpected spot. Some discreet places include a lockbox under the porch or under the foot of a patio chair. Think twice about putting your keys in an obvious spot like your doormat or a plant pot next to your door.

You can also keep your spare key secure by giving a copy to a trusted neighbor or friend. Leaving a set with someone responsible is a simple solution in the event you lose your house keys. Pick someone who's quick to communicate, as you won't want to wait long for a response should you have issues getting back into your house.