The Genius Backpacking Hack That Will Make Starting A Campfire A Breeze

You're getting ready to go on another camping trip. You've got your hiking boots for the days you'll hit the trails, your swimsuit for the times you'll dive in the lake, and all sorts of clothes packed so you can dress in layers each day. In addition to clothing needs, you've got your first aid kit ready to go, a flashlight nestled away in your bag, food, and water, and just about everything you need for a successful trip. Before you head out, think about stopping by your dryer and taking a swab of dryer lint. This oddity could just be the difference between getting your campfire to start and struggling to set it aflame.

Collecting dryer lint is a genius way to build a campfire with ease. Since it's highly flammable, one spark can easily ignite it, taking away the hassle of getting a fire started, even if the conditions are damp. Just remember to practice fire safety, especially during wildfire season

Methods to get the fire started

You can collect however much or little dryer lint as you want. Even if you bring large quantities, it'll hardly weigh a thing since it's so lightweight. One convenient way to store it is by stuffing it into emptied toilet paper rolls. This method enables you to toss the entire thing into the fire pit rather than having to dig out the dryer lint by hand.

As for starting the fire, it's simple. Put the dryer lint in the fire pit along with the wood, set a lighter or match to it, and watch the flame form. You can take some extra steps if you want to ensure the fire starts and keeps burning. One way includes putting lint into a small paper bag along with a glob of Vaseline, closing the bag and rubbing it to move the Vaseline around, and then using the little packet to start the fire. The Vaseline will serve as fuel to keep the fire burning for longer. This is especially helpful if you find yourself in wet or rainy conditions.

Starting a fire is a breeze

Another creative way to use dryer lint to start a fire and to keep the flame burning for longer is to incorporate wax. You can do this by stuffing dryer lint into an old egg carton, covering the lint with wax, letting it dry, then tearing the carton apart into individual sections. You can toss one section into the fire pit and set it aflame. Like the Vaseline, the wax will serve as fuel and keep the fire burning longer.

If you've already thrown out your dryer lint, no worries; you can use dryer sheets instead. While not quite as explosive as lint, they're still effective and can help you start your fire quickly.

Whichever method you choose, you'll have a quick, easy, and lightweight fire starter for your next backpacking trip out in nature. So next time you do laundry, don't throw away the lint in the dryer; instead, pack it away and put it to use.