Everything We Know About The Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line's New Ship For 2024

The Disney Treasure will be the sixth vessel in Disney Cruise Line's fleet when it sets sail in 2024. As Ellie and Carl from Pixar's "Up" would say, "Adventure is out there!" On board the Disney Treasure, guests will embark on a voyage inspired by favorite Disney explorations. One section of the kids' club will transport young travelers into a galaxy far, far away, and a dinner show will star Miguel from "Coco"! Whether through architecture or programming, the Disney Treasure will celebrate adventure in its many forms. That not only goes for the extensive selection of family-friendly experiences but also the ship's adults-only spaces. (Oh yeah, we're covering it all.)

A Disney cruise is an excellent option for travelers who want a Disney vacation but prefer an easygoing vibe. The company's theme parks are incredible, but visiting them can be exhausting. Say goodbye to walking thousands of steps in brutal heat. Don't bother with complicated rules about ride reservations and park hours. With Disney Cruise Line, voyagers can experience a more relaxing flavor of Disney that doesn't require a vacation from your vacation. The Disney Treasure will be no different, poising itself as a spectacular addition to the Disney Cruise Line portfolio. Ready to set sail?

When and where will the Disney Treasure travel?

Make your list and check it twice because the Disney Treasure's maiden voyage will be December 21, 2024. If you ask us, traveling aboard a brand-new cruise ship sounds like a great way to spend Christmas. Pricing for that inaugural cruise starts at around $8,800 for two passengers collectively. After that first trip, the starting price drops to about $3,900 for two.

Embarking from Port Canaveral, Florida, the Treasure will sail seven-night itineraries. Western Caribbean cruises will visit Cozumel, George Town, and Falmouth. Depending on the cruise, Eastern Caribbean cruises will visit Tortola and either St. Thomas or San Juan. All itineraries for the Treasure will also include a stop at Disney Castaway Cay, the company's private island (more on that flex later).

Port Canaveral is about an hour's drive from Orlando. If you're headed to the Treasure from the Orlando airport or any Walt Disney World resort hotel, should you want to spend a few days in the parks while in the neighborhood, you can arrange bus transportation directly through Disney for $39 per person. For reservations, call (800) 951-3532.

How is the Treasure different from other Disney ships?

Among the six Disney ships, the Disney Treasure most resembles the Disney Wish, whose maiden voyage was in 2022. Disney's two largest ships to date, both the Wish and the Treasure, weigh 144,000 tons and host around 1,250 staterooms. This means grander infrastructure and more guests on board, especially compared to the first two vessels, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. The Treasure may be a "sister ship" of the Wish, but it's not a clone. Some of their dining experiences and kids' clubs are the same, but their aesthetics and many aspects of their programming differ. We'll point these out as we continue through this article.

So what's new, other than Captain Minnie's fire new fit (above)? Disney designers are implementing lessons learned from previous ships in building the Treasure. We can expect to discover seemingly minor tweaks in layout and efficiency throughout the Treasure that, in reality, greatly improve the guest experience.

Another key difference among Disney's ships is their ports of call. (The Treasure will sail from Florida, traveling the Caribbean.) At any given time, Disney ships travel between places as varied as New York City, Alaska, and Ireland, among other locales. The location of the destination and the vessel you'll take to get there are among the several items that may inform how to choose which Disney cruise is right for you.

The stories of Coco and Marvel will continue in ultra-themed restaurants

Onboard the Disney Treasure, as with other Disney ships, guests will rotate among assigned restaurants for dinner each evening. The Treasure's main dining rooms will include two returning favorites from the Disney Wish — 1923 and Worlds of Marvel — and an all-new venue, Plaza de Coco.

1923 is named after the year Walt Disney and his brother, Roy, founded their studio. Decorated with gorgeous sketches and concept artwork from classic Disney films, 1923 will serve California-inspired dishes. Worlds of Marvel will be a dream come true for any Avengers fan. A story will unfold throughout dinner, complete with a live appearance by Spider-Man and exclusive videos featuring original Marvel cast members reprising their iconic roles from the films. Since the Treasure sails longer voyages than the Wish, this new iteration of Worlds of Marvel will expand the restaurant's story into two parts rather than just one.

Plaza de Coco — the restaurant we're most excited about! — will extend the story of Pixar's "Coco" in a live musical dinner experience. Guests will join a Dia de los Muertos celebration in Santa Cecilia after the film's events. Spanning two nights of every Treasure voyage, Plaza de Coco will feature live entertainment from mariachis and Miguel and serve Mexican cuisine. "Coco" is among Pixar's best movies in recent years, and this experience sounds like a fitting tribute to the film's characters, music, and culture.

Disney Treasure kids' clubs will celebrate princesses, Star Wars, and Marvel

Why couldn't this exist when we were kids? The Disney Treasure will have dedicated children's spaces for every age group. Hands down, the coolest among them will be Disney's Oceaneer Club, built for kids ages 3 to 12. As it is on the Disney Wish, the Oceaneer Club will be divided into themed areas on the Treasure, and we want to visit them all!

Marvel Super Hero Academy will be a training ground to learn how to be a hero from the Avengers themselves. Star Wars: Cargo Bay will be home to a starship charting the galaxy on an important mission led by Rey and Chewbacca. Fairytale Hall will serve as a headquarters for all things princesses. Mickey & Minnie Captain's Deck will be a high-tech playground for younger guests. Lastly, named after the artists who build Disney theme parks, Walt Disney Imagineering Lab will be a workshop where kids can design and "ride" their own virtual roller coaster. Good luck getting your kids to spend time anywhere else!

Meanwhile, teenagers can enjoy two clubs featuring games, music, and hangs just for them: Edge (for ages 11 to 14, inspired by New York) and Vibe (for ages 14 to 17, inspired by Paris). Parents can drop off children ages six months through three years at It's a Small World Nursery, designed after the welcoming, colorful aesthetic of the It's a Small World boat ride at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom.

Adults-only areas will be themed to Jungle Cruise and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

If you read the above section and thought, "Dang, kids get to have all the fun," don't fret. The Disney Treasure will be home to various experiences and spaces exclusively for grown-ups, with adult preferences and palettes in mind. Whether you're looking to have a Disney adventure of your own or you'd prefer to unwind in a decidedly Mickey-free environment, the Treasure has you covered.

Two lounges-slash-bars will be exclusive to the Treasure. At Periscope Pub (pictured above), adults will step into the world of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," a story that finds footing from a spectrum of sources: the original novel by Jules Verne, the 1954 live-action Disney film, and the now-defunct submarine attraction at Magic Kingdom. Taking place on board the famous Nautilus submarine from the story, Periscope Pub looks like it will be the coolest bar of all time. Meanwhile, at Skipper Society, adults will hang out in a lounge reminiscent of the tropical forests of the Jungle Cruise boat ride at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom.

Elsewhere on the ship, adults can dine at no-kids-allowed restaurants (Palo and Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallament), relax at a lounge subtly inspired by "Beauty and the Beast" (The Rose), visit full-service beautification spots (Untangled Salon and Hook's Barbery), get pampered at a full-service spa, and wade in a quiet pool. Trust us: There are plenty of ways to enjoy adult time on a Disney cruise.

AquaMouse is the most extra water slide ever

Disney ships are known for their epic water slides, and the Disney Treasure will have one of the fleet's most elaborate plunges. Like the Disney Wish, the Treasure will feature AquaMouse, an experience that's part water slide, part theme park attraction. In essence, AquaMouse is a Mickey Mouse cartoon come to life as a water coaster. You might consider it an at-sea equivalent of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland.

Riding in a tube slowly through an enclosed corridor, guests on the Treasure's AquaMouse will encounter video screens telling an original story starring Mickey and Minnie. From there, the trip will segue into a rollicking water coaster with thrilling dips and twists.

Differing from the Wish, the story in the Treasure's version of AquaMouse will be called "Curse of the Golden Egg." Disney publicity images (like the one pictured above) reveal that, like the Wish's AquaMouse and Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, the Treasure's AquaMouse will depict Mickey and the gang in the style of their recent Disney Channel and Disney+ short films. As that series debuted its final episode in July 2023, Treasure's AquaMouse will effectively be the (seemingly) last new project in this era of Mickey's history.

Disney Treasure staterooms will elegantly recall Disney adventures

Overnight accommodations on the Treasure will lean into the ship-wide exploration theme but with subtlety rather than kitsch. Designers know guests can find plenty of Disney's highly themed whimsy elsewhere on the ship. As such, they show restraint of the brand within guest staterooms while still providing signature touches here and there.

Staterooms on the Treasure will be available in a variety of layouts, from less-expensive interior rooms (sleeping up to four guests) to pricier porthole or verandah accommodations (pictured above, sleeping up to five guests), as well as accessible options. If you're in the mood to splurge, consider a concierge-level stateroom (sleeping up to five guests) themed to "The Lion King" or "Finding Nemo." The former is a one-bedroom suite option if you want more space.

For larger travel parties, the Treasure will also offer concierge-level luxury accommodations. One- and two-story Royal Suites will be named after Bagheera (the panther from "The Jungle Book") and Rajah (the tiger from "Aladdin"). Both iterations will sleep up to six guests in two bedrooms. The envy of them all, though, will be Tomorrow Tower Suite, the ship's only penthouse accommodation. Themed after the EPCOT theme park and its spirit of futuristic optimism, the Tomorrow Tower Suite will sleep up to eight guests across four bedrooms, complete with a private elevator and a two-story living room with a floor-to-ceiling window. Talk about grand and miraculous!

Pack your swashbuckling garb for pirate night

A favorite of many Disney cruises, Pirate Night will again be a mainstay of the Disney Treasure. Guests will be encouraged to dress in costume to attend the Pirate's Rockin' Parlay Party. (Yes, its official title contains an unfortunately incorrect apostrophe. Which pirate, singular, does it refer to?!) The party, which first debuted on the Disney Wish, will take place on the upper decks, with the glow of the moon and the breeze of the salty sea air providing an authentic touch to the proceedings. Being out at sea, getting into the pirate spirit won't be difficult.

The centerpiece of the festivities will be an outdoor production featuring live vocalists, stunts, and Captain Jack Sparrow himself. The night will conclude with fireworks, the surefire sign of the end of any magical Disney day. Other activities during Disney ships' pirate nights typically include character greetings with Mickey and friends dressed in pirate garb, poolside screenings of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, pirate trivia, and more.

Casual dining spots will evoke Zootopia, Moana, and Mulan

In addition to the formal dining rooms we mentioned earlier, the Disney Treasure will be home to several quick-service dining locations for casual eats, all with their own distinct connections to Disney lore. Travelers will be able to satisfy their sweet tooth at the "Zootopia"-inspired Jumbeaux's Sweets (pictured above). Coffee and tea will populate the menus of Heihei Café (named after Moana's rooster pal) and Jade Cricket Café (inspired by Cri-Kee, Mulan's insect companion).

Marceline Market will serve breakfast and lunch buffets. Its Disney connection might be a bit trickier to guess; do you know it? Marceline, Missouri, was where Walt Disney spent several foundational years of his youth. The optimistic spirit he felt in Marceline is said to have inspired much of his career.

Triton Lounge (named after Ariel's father, the king of the sea in "The Little Mermaid") will essentially be the family equivalent of a bar, serving mocktails and hosting karaoke, that ever-popular cruising staple.

Five Disney icons will be immortalized in décor

Each Disney cruise ship puts its twist on a few traditions: an elegant centerpiece statue in its atrium, a playful figure on its exterior often depicting a comical gag, and a signature embroidery on the bow of the ship.

In the case of the Disney Treasure, all three elements appropriately connect with the vessel's theme of exploration. The Treasure's atrium, or grand hall, will feature a gold statue of Aladdin and Jasmine riding upon their magic carpet, perhaps alluding to the "whole new world" that awaits travelers at sea. On the stern outside of the ship, a full-color statue of Peter Pan will taunt Captain Hook, the pirate forever vying for revenge and the ageless boy foiling him. The ship's bow will be emblazoned with a monochrome gold painting of Captain Minnie, ready for adventure with a map in hand.

Broadway-style shows will star Belle, Goofy, and more Disney friends

Cast members onboard the Disney Treasure will perform three Broadway-style spectacles inside the Walt Disney Theatre, a lavish, two-story auditorium whose design will be inspired by "Fantasia." The ship's nightly productions will include two musicals that previously debuted on other Disney vessels and another show yet to be announced that will be created especially for the Treasure.

In "Seas the Adventure," Captain Minnie leaves Goofy in charge. Not the best idea! Steering the Treasure on a series of detours, Goofy ventures through classic Disney moments featuring some of the studio's most beloved characters and songs. For example, in a spine-tingling team-up we didn't know we needed, Elsa, Merida, and Moana will unite to belt out a medley of "Into the Unknown" from "Frozen 2," "Touch the Sky" from "Brave," and "How Far I'll Go" from "Moana." Chills!

On a separate night inside the Walt Disney Theatre, guests will enjoy a musical inspired by the 2017 live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast." Most of the songs from that remake, of course, are established standards from the 1991 animated feature. The look and feel of the Treasure's production, though, will match that of the live-action counterpart.

All Disney Treasure cruises will stop at Disney's private island

Disney Castaway Cay, the private island in the Bahamas owned by the Walt Disney Company, is on the itinerary for all posted Disney Treasure cruises at the time of this writing. Castaway Cay has the immaculate design and efficient guest flow of a Disney theme park but without the rides. It has the amenities of a Disney resort but without hotel rooms. It's a unique space only accessible via Disney Cruise Line.

Mirroring the ship's dedicated areas for different age groups, Castaway Cay is home to separate beaches and-or water play areas for kids, teenagers, and adults, plus an everyone-welcome beach for families. The island also hosts its slate of shore excursions, from snorkeling to stingray-petting.

You may have seen in the news that Disney will open another port, Lighthouse Cay at Lighthouse Point, in summer 2024 on the island of Eleuthera. (Disney won't own the whole island this time.) While it would be natural to assume the Treasure would travel to the new destination, the new ship will stick with Castaway Cay as its Disney-owned port of call for now. If visiting Lighthouse Cay is more important than sailing on a new ship, travelerblog itineraries for Disney Magic, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy.

Endless wonder awaits on the Disney Treasure

It's not only the headlining selling points that will make the Disney Treasure an amazing ship to sail on. Across the 15 decks of the ship, guests could spend nearly the entire vacation just exploring and chancing upon delightful spaces and activities, each different from the last. An inflatable obstacle course themed to "The Incredibles"? Yep, the Treasure will have that. Pools inspired by "Toy Story"? The ship will have those, too. Movie theaters? Fitness center? A children's makeover salon that transforms kids into princesses, knights, pirates, and sea captains? Check, check, check.

As in Disney theme parks and aboard previous Disney Cruise Line ships, the Treasure will boast detail and intentionality around every corner. It will be impossible to see everything the vessel will have to offer in one voyage. Still, the traveler who takes some time to stray off the beaten path will be rewarded with experiences they'll treasure as equally as any marquee events on the itinerary.