This Clever Hack Just Might Score You A Free Luggage Cart At The Airport

Air travel can be expensive at the best of times but with some airports charging $8 for luggage carts, one flight could be needlessly emptying your wallet. Even back in 1996, columnist Herb Caen complained in SFGate about the price hike for luggage carts from $1 to $1.50 at San Francisco International Airport. Though carts are generally free in airports around the world, LAX also charges as well as some European airports, so these fees can add up.

However, travel blogger Johnny Jet has a genius hack to avoid paying this fee by going outside to arrivals, just beyond the baggage claim area. This is where you will likely find abandoned luggage carts that you can grab to avoid paying the fee. He points out that international travelers will need to go through customs before trying this tip. However, this money-saver is not the only great hack you can try to make your time in the airport go quicker and more smoothly.

How to make airport transit easier

To find your luggage more easily, Johnny Jet also recommends placing an AirTag or SmartTag inside it so that you can track it on your phone. This will help you to find it if it is manually unloaded in the baggage claim or falls off the luggage belt. If you have any passengers that require extra help then you can request airport assistance. This is easy to do by visiting one of the designated desks and they will help you through passport control and security.

Another hack that can improve airport travel is ditching the suitcase for a backpack. The beauty of a backpack is that you can take it on escalators without having to search for an elevator. You can also go through the smaller automatic ticket gates without having to join a queue of people with suitcases or wait for staff to let you through. If you do need a suitcase, the best thing to do is bring the smallest one possible. Bringing a smaller suitcase will also mean packing more efficiently.

How to pack better

Packing a bag is an art form, and the better you do it, the smaller the suitcase you will need. One of the best packing strategies is to roll up your clothes so they take up less space as well as using packing cubes to divide your belongings and shrink things down. Be aware that if you use vacuum seal bags they may be harder to compress at your destination which could make fitting everything in for your return difficult.

Check if your hotel provides shampoo and other toiletries because if they do this can lighten your luggage as well freeing up extra room. If you want to buy souvenirs then consider bringing an expandable tote bag or backpack with multiple compartments to bring them back as hand luggage. You can also attach bulky coats or jumpers to your handbag or rucksack using bungee cords to prevent them from falling off to save on suitcase space. These great hacks can ensure you have an easier and cheaper journey through the airport, which can really make a difference, especially during the holiday season!