Mistakes To Avoid When Packing For A Trip According To A Popular Celebrity Stylist

Getting ready for a trip inevitably involves packing clothes, so it's essential to think about the most efficient and effective ways to do so. When we're stuffing our bags and suitcases at the last minute (we've all been there), we may not realize our consequential mistakes. But that's where celebrity stylist Alyssa Sutter comes in. With an impressive client list that's included stars like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lucy Hale, Sutter is at the top of her game. Additionally, she's worked with a number of high-profile brands such as Neiman Marcus, UGG, and Gillette Venus.

Just like "Queer Eye" stylist Tan France, Sutter focuses on the most economical ways to pack. To optimize suitcase space, she advises travelers to roll up items vertically, per Who What Wear. When packing hats, the stylist recommends keeping them together with a hat clip for your carry-on. Luckily, Sutter provided other useful tips for travel to prevent annoying packing mistakes. And of course, she's bolstered these tips with her fashion expertise. 

An alternative to packing bulky items

When packing, Alyssa Sutter's first solution for Who What Wear proves that a little strategy goes a long way. For obvious reasons, avoid filling up your suitcase with too many big, bulky items. The cons? You'll have less packing room, the luggage will be heavy, and if your suitcase is a carry-on, you may have to check it at the airport. To save suitcase space, Sutter suggests wearing your bulky clothing, like knits and jackets, on your flight. On top of being efficient, you'll have access to warm layers should you get cold. "Plus it is always a good idea to pack layers," the stylist notes via Who What Wear.

As it can be tricky to predict and navigate temperatures on a trip, layers can keep you covered for a range of weather conditions. Layering with style, on the other hand, is uncharted territory for many of us. Fortunately, Sutter has some inspiring ideas for casual yet stylish layered looks. In a piece for Prism Boutique, the fashionista detailed some simple outfits that work well for that summer to fall shift. In one picture, she paired a laid-back long dress with a sweatshirt. "The Tar Alma Slip Dress from LACAUSA makes the perfect foundation for an effortless day look and instantly feels more stylized with a sweatshirt tied over your shoulders in case of cooler temps," she told the publication. Sutter is also a fan of the trendy Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim).

Pack versatile clothing pieces, not inflexible garments

A smartly packed suitcase, especially if you're using a carry-on, includes versatile clothing pieces, according to Alyssa Sutter via Who What Wear. So, don't make the mistake of solely bringing unique pieces that don't work well together. "The best way to fit all of your clothing into a carry-on is to make sure all of the items can be reworked for multiple outfits," Stutter told Who What Wear. In 2015, Sutter and her Rachel Zoe Studio co-stylist Lindsay Pogemiller told Refinery29 about the benefits of culottes. "Perfect for office attire, date nights, and even Sunday Funday," they told the publication. For a work trip with company meetings, brunches, and dinner outings, a pair of these more obscure trousers could be very adaptable.

If you're feeling stuck on what to pack from your closet, go back to the basics. In a 2016 article for Teen Vogue, Sutter gave some insight on the style of her celebrity client Lucy Hale, sharing that the "Pretty Little Liars" star opts for jeans on an ordinary day. Sutter explained that the denim provides a solid basis for an informal yet refined ensemble. Whether you're going to an art museum or lounging at a hip bar, jeans are great for travel, as they can easily be dressed up or down.