Hidden Behind Mangrove Forests Is A Gorgeous, White Sand Beach With So Much To Do

White sand beaches hold a special kind of beauty. The shimmering blue water compliments the soft sand, and the sunlight highlights them both. This scene is worth dreaming about and makes for a unique outdoor adventure. One place in Florida, Clam Pass Beach, has all this natural beauty and more. Its unique feature is the boardwalk that leads up to the beach. Rather than simply being surrounded by tall grass and a sprinkling of trees, you'll find a beautiful pathway surrounded by mangrove trees. This fascinating walk to the beach is just the beginning of an adventurous and exciting day by the sea.

You can spend the day reading a book under the shade of a cabana, slather on some sunscreen and lounge about in the sun, enter into the water and swim for a while, rent kayaks and canoes and create your own paddling experience, and more. This beach will keep you entertained and delighted during your stay. In addition to ocean views, you'll have access to a whole system of mangroves to learn about and travelerblog.

Swimming and paddling

The mangrove-covered boardwalk is a sight you'll want to take in. However, be prepared to walk. It takes about 20 minutes before you reach the beach. If it's too hot or you simply don't feel like trekking, you can ride one of the golf carts that takes passengers from the parking lot to the beach. Note that the parking fee is $10. The unique pathway isn't limited to the boardwalk on land. You'll also find an estuary in the water where you can swim and float about. If you let the tide take you, you'll drift into a cove surrounded by mangrove trees or out into a shallow part of the ocean. You can choose which setting you prefer and swim or float toward your desired one.

If you want to spend your day paddling away, you'll want to venture further down the road to the nearby Naples Beach. It's just under a 20-minute drive and about a 30-minute bike ride. There, you'll find a variety of kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and canoeing options. Alternatively, you can have boats delivered directly to you through Naples Outfitters and Adventure Gear. With them, you can rent kayaks for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of a week.

A lovely nature walk

Clam Pass County Park is a total of 35 acres and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. You can do your best to spot some on a nature walk through the park. To do so, just continue along the boardwalk. If you go beyond the beach, you'll likely find yourself rambling and witnessing nature's beauty for approximately two hours. You'll see red, black, and white mangroves along the way, and you'll have the chance to see birds like the roseate spoonbill, black skimmer, ring-billed gull, and plenty more.

The park is conveniently located in the city of Naples, Florida, meaning you'll have easy access to lodging and dining options when your day at the beach is done. Additionally, you'll find museums, galleries, and more. So next time you're itching to spend time in the sun, amongst nature and the ocean, consider venturing out to Clam Pass, Florida. It's the perfect destination whether you're looking to take a break from the cold in the winter or go on a family vacation in the summer.