Skip The Crowds On Your Trip To Greece At This Vibrant Island Full Of Beaches

Due to its reputation as a center of business and trade, Syros is often overlooked by travelers seeking an opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Greek islands. In fact, the port city of Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros, is sometimes referred to as "the bridge between West and East" due to its significance as the hub of commercial and naval activity in the region. Visitors to Syros quickly realize, however, that the historic architecture, crystal-clear waters, boutique hotels, and choice of relaxing beaches on the island prove that it is a treasure in the Aegean Sea waiting to be travelerblogd.

As the capital of the Cyclades islands, it's easy to reach Syros either by flight or by ferry. The island has a national airport that is only 3 kilometers away from Ermoupolis. This local airport is connected to the International Airport of Athens, making the island accessible by connection from other worldwide cities. Syros can also be reached by ferry from Athens as well as other ports in Greece. Visitors can depart Athens and take the route from either Lavrio or Piraeus, which offers the most scheduled trips to Syros. Kavala and Karystos also provide ferry service to Ermoupolis, as well as the islands of Mykonos, Lemnos, and Samos. Because of its proximity to other Greek islands and the convenient ferry routes available from other ports, it's easy to add Syros to a vacation itinerary of sun-drenched destinations.

Historic architecture and a variety of beaches

Visitors to Syros will appreciate the distinctive architecture on the island, including the beautiful Apollo Theater. This structure was designed by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo, who created his design based on inspiration from La Scala di Milan. The Town Hall of Syros, designed by Bavarian Ernst Ziller, is another beautiful structure whose style is reminiscent of neoclassical architecture. This magnificent building is situated on the beautiful Miaouli Square, lined with palm trees, and situated in the center of town.

The natural beauty of the waters surrounding Syros is also a highlight of the island's appeal. There are over 30 beaches to choose from, ranging from locations with sandy shores that are popular with families to more secluded spots with less beach equipment, including clothing-optional spots. Galissas is one of the most famous beaches on the island, popular for its calm waters, warm sand, and onsite amenities, which include an outdoor rinse shower, several bars, changing booths, and a lifeguard tower. Next to Galissas is the secluded cove of Armeos Beach, which is popular with naturists. Kini is another well-known beach that is sandy and has shallow waters. This beach offers quite a few amenities, including sun chairs and umbrellas, a beach volleyball court, a lifeguard tower, as well as a number of beachside bars that are located nearby. Megas Gialos is also a popular sandy beach that is slightly smaller and has shallow waters for swimming and umbrellas for sunbathing.

Accommodations with stunning views

Poseidonia is another popular beach with a sandy shore that offers fewer amenities than other beaches but does provide free umbrellas and lounge chairs. Delfini Beach offers two swim areas, one with a sandy shore as well as another that has a pebbly shoreline. The beach provides several amenities, including beach chairs and umbrellas, as well as a rinsing shower and a changing booth. Visitors should be aware that the southern portion of Delfini Beach is another favorite spot for clothing-optional beachgoers. For guests who enjoy plenty of amenities and nearby dining options, Agathopes Beach is the perfect choice. Beach umbrellas and lounge chairs are available to rent, a lifeguard tower is on-site, and the beach even provides a ramp for those who need help with mobility. A number of dining options and bars are in the area as well.

Accommodations on Syros include options such as boutique hotels, seaside villas, and individual rooms for rent, and many of these choices offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea. For example, Blue Harmony Hotel is near Kini Beach, with modern furnishings, free breakfast, and a beautiful view of the ocean. Apollonion Palace is in the town of Ermoupolis, which offers luxurious details as well as a terrace that provides access to the ocean. Avrofilito offers a selection of apartments in the countryside near Ermoupolis, perfect for larger parties who would enjoy modern amenities mixed with the Old World charm of spacious gardens bordered by stone walls.