Plan Your Next Vacation To This City For The Best Coffee In America

Coffee doesn't just happen to be one of the most coveted commodities in America. There's something so cozy and comforting about sipping espresso from your favorite mug in a coffee shop window. It's not surprising that people are now planning their destination spots around cities that are rich in adorable coffee houses and know a thing or two about the art of perfecting a quality cup of coffee. No other city in America has mastered the craft of coffee better than Portland, Oregon.

According to WalletHub, Portland tied for first place when ranking the "Best Coffee Cities in America," alongside San Francisco and Seattle. The personal finance website compiled results based on several factors, including the number of coffee houses per capita and the average price of a cup of coffee. Based on its statistics, WalletHub concluded that Portland has the most coffee and tea house manufacturers per capita. Portland's flourishing coffee scene fits with the town's exuberant personality. Its creative community possesses a deep passion for the arts, live music, and trendy foodie outlets — all things that pair perfectly with a cup of brew.

Before you ask — yes, Starbucks exists in Portland, Oregon. However, it would be a sin if the only coffee shop you stepped foot in while in this famous coffee destination was the ubiquitous big box chain that (dare we say) has nothing on Portland's smaller, local coffee houses. The coffee scene in Portland is unlike any other city — see for yourself!

What sets Portland's coffee scene apart?

Peruse any of Portland's eclectic neighborhoods and bustling streets, and you'll be overwhelmed by how many coffee shops have taken over the city. Many of these coffee houses have made their way onto the cover pages of several reputable media outlets, like The New York Times, Roast Magazine, and the Seattle Times. The baristas who work in Portland's distinguished coffee scene take their jobs seriously, going above and beyond to deliver an authentic and, many times, informative experience.

Much of what makes Portland's coffee industry an above-and-beyond experience is the variety of roasting methods and hospitable culture. Coffee shop owners in Portland have preferences regarding the roasting process and where the beans are sourced, and these choices translate into a unique, personable experience that allows each one to make a mark on the map. From French Press to drip coffee and beans sourced from Asia to Mexico, customers can afford to be picky in this city.

You might think, "How did Portland's coffee scene evolve into such a prolific industry?" Word on the street is that one of the city's first coffee purists,  Stumptown Coffee, is what put Portland on the map as a vibrant community of coffee lovers. This locally-owned coffee house not only delivers some of the local's favorite coffee drinks but has also brought financial stability to coffee farmers around the world with its consistent line down the street. Today, Stumptown Coffee is a Portland trademark.

Best coffee shops in Portland

Let's talk about Portland's best, or as locals call them: "third wave" coffee shops. Each of these local gems showcases just a small corner of Portland's big personality and does so with its unique edge and flair. Albina Press Coffee has been around since the beginning as an influential third-wave coffee roaster in the city. This local gem has two locations in Portland and lives up to its moniker as a coffee house. Both outposts make guests feel like they're sipping coffee in their living room rather than a café. The cafés' oversized sofas are usually occupied by locals catching up on emails or getting in their social hours.

Coava Coffee Roasters might just be the local coffee favorite by residents. Specializing in small-batch coffee, this gem is certainly on all the major publishers' radar. Even Bon Appetit gave Coava Coffee a shout-out for its stupendous service as a neighborhood coffee house. Addicted regulars can subscribe to its bi-weekly or monthly packages and have beans delivered right to their front doors. 

If it isn't implied in its name, Heart Coffee Roasters has a soft spot for their drink of choice. They also have a big heart for working directly with the international farmers from whom they source their coffee. Heart Coffee keeps things cute and cozy in its three locations throughout the city, with neutral tones, lush greenery, and no Wi-Fi, forcing guests to unplug and enjoy their coffee without media distraction.