We Tried The TikTok Famous Travel Backpack And It Makes It Painless To Pack Light

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I tend to be a bit skeptical of products that go viral on TikTok — and if I'm being honest, that makes me even more desperate to try them out for myself. TikTok trends are becoming a significant force that drives consumers, with TikTok influencers becoming modern-day tastemakers by offering (mostly) honest reviews of various products. When something catches on, its popularity skyrockets. Some products fade quickly out of the limelight, while others, like the viral TikTok travel backpack, remain popular for months and even years.

The famous travel backpack is available from multiple sellers on Amazon in slightly different styles and variations that all share a few key characteristics, including spaciousness, affordability, and many pockets for all of your travel necessities. TikTok influencers claim the bag is the ultimate travel must-have and can fit enough for a long weekend getaway. Furthermore, the backpack may allow travelers to skirt carry-on bag fees, since it fits within the personal item size requirements.

As a frequent traveler who hates checking bags, I was excited to try this viral TikTok backpack and find out if it lives up to the hype. As it turns out, I'm pretty impressed, especially considering the price point. But I wondered if this large pack would make it past budget airlines' hidden fees for carry-on bags when fully packed. Considering how much I was able to fit inside, I feel that I could use it as my only piece of luggage for most trips. 

The internet's most famous backpack

If you search "TikTok travel backpack" on Amazon, you'll see multiple results from different sellers offering their variation of the rectangular-shaped pack. I wasn't sure which brand created the "original" Tiktok backpack, so I purchased the bestseller. My backpack is from a brand called Coowoz, which has nearly 11,000 5-star ratings on Amazon. I chose the extra-large size, which cost $43.99 at the time of purchase and arrived the next day. The price of these bags fluctuates a little, depending on what color you choose.

The bag comes in a multitude of color options. I chose a lovely muted color called Lotus Pink. My first impression when I opened the bag is that it felt sturdy and well-made. I'm not a huge fan of the polyester fabric, but it does seem durable and easy to spot clean. The description claims the bag is waterproof, but I would argue that it is more water-resistant. When I sprayed it with water, it didn't absorb immediately into the fabric, but the zippers aren't waterproof. I wouldn't take it whitewater rafting, but I'd trust it to keep my laptop dry during a light rain.

I was very impressed with the size, shape, spaciousness, and storage compartments. The main compartment opens like a carry-on suitcase and can fit nearly as much, and the bottom opens into a separate compartment to store a pair of shoes. I counted nine additional storage pockets for storage and organization. It's an ideal choice when you're packing light. 

Packing the bag

If you're considering using this bag as a personal item, you'll be happy that many TikTok reviewers reported they could take it fully packed on their flight without paying for it as a carry-on. In my experience, Frontier Airlines has a strict carry-on bag policy. When empty, this bag meets Frontier's personal item dimension requirements, which require that your bag is 14" tall, 18" wide, and 8" long. The extra-large bag I ordered measures 14.17" tall, 17.72" wide, and 7.87" long. I was shocked by how much I could fit inside. I could easily use this bag to pack for a long weekend getaway or make it work for a week-long trip, especially when you use efficient packing cubes.  

Inside the main compartment, I packed five dresses, yoga pants, a tank, a long-sleeve shirt, a fleece pullover, a sleep shirt, a bralette, five pairs of underwear, and my favorite wide-leg blue jeans. Leather tennis shoes fit comfortably in the shoe compartment. The front compartment is waterproof, perfect for packing toiletries and cosmetics. In the back of the bag, I used the spacious laptop sleeve to store my Macbook, power cords, journal, and a novel. The secret compartment in the back of the bag stowed my passport and emergency credit card, while the front pockets provided an excellent place for my headphones, cell phone, and some snacks. A sleeve allows it to attach to a rolling carry-on. If you're looking for a budget-friendly backpack for your next vacation, the viral TikTok bag is worth trying.