One Of Costa Rica's Prettiest Beaches Is A Secluded Soft Sand Paradise Without Crowds

Sometimes vacations with lots of other people are exactly what you want. It can be wonderful to experience a new place along with a slew of tourists. However, when you really want to get away from it all, that might include crowds as well. If a secluded beach in a beautiful, tropical spot with no one else around sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered, we have just the thing. There is a beach in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, just across Salinas Bay from the border with Nicaragua called Playa Rajada, that you should visit. 

Playa Rajada is just under 50 miles by car from Liberia, and despite being rather secluded, it has good signage. It's right off the main road, which is paved, so you don't need a 4x4 to avoid crowds like some of Costa Rica's other secluded beaches. Even during tourist season, you're unlikely to get a crowd on this sandy beach with crystal blue waters. Let's take a look at Playa Rajada in Costa Rica and what you need to know before you go. 

All about Playa Rajada

The parking area for Playa Rajada is right off the road, and while it is dirt, it's packed down, and there is plenty of space. Much of it is under the cover of shady trees. (Don't leave anything in your car, just to be safe.) This area of the shore has fairly calm waters so it's a great spot to bring your little ones if they've come adventuring with you. Use caution, however, as there are no lifeguards on duty at Playa Rajada. On the weekends or holidays, you might see locals with drinks and snacks on the beach, but that's not guaranteed. Bring in everything you need for the perfect beach day because this is a truly secluded spot. There are no bathrooms, tables, showers, or anything else — just pure, peaceful relaxation.

If you're looking for a bit of a walk, there is a trail on the left side of the beach (facing the water) that you can take through the trees to get to another beach right next door. If you stop at the top, you will see some great views of Salinas Bay for your social media shots. It's also a really long beach, so there is plenty of room for a good jog or leisurely stroll.

More to do at Playa Rajada

The best time to visit is during Costa Rica's dry season, which is November through March. The water in Guanacaste Province tends to be between 77 and 86 Farenheit, so it's the perfect temperature for snorkeling. It's also a quiet spot, so you shouldn't have to deal with boats that often as you travelerblog underwater. There is a rocky spot on the right side of the beach, facing the water, that is great for spotting fish and marine life. Costa Rica has some of the most amazing and diverse aquatic wildlife in the world. You'll also be able to see the small (25 hectares) Isla Bolaños Wildlife Refuge from the beach (and in the picture above). This spot is home to brown pelicans and frigate birds who come to nest here. 

Right near Playa Rajada, toward the other side of the outcrop it sits on is Dreams Las Mareas resort, where you can pick up a local sightseeing tour of the area for $145 per adult (at the time of this writing). It's a five-hour tour in an air-conditioned vehicle that will take you to both Playa Rajada and Puerto Soley beach, as well as the Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge, La Cruz for some shopping, and Sonzapote where you can see birds, monkeys, and sloths. If you're looking for another hidden Costa Rican beach locals love, Traveler Blog's got you covered.