Visit This Australian City For One Of The World's Best Coffee Scenes, Per Samantha Brown

After more than two decades as a travel host, Samantha Brown has visited over 70 countries. According to her blog, whenever she arrives at a new destination, one of the first things she does is embark on a little walk where she stops for a cup of coffee. It's safe to assume, then, that Samantha Brown knows a good cup of Joe, having sampled the brews from more than 70 different countries around the world. Millions of viewers and followers have come to trust Samantha Brown's opinion when it comes to travel, so when she announced in a TikTok video that the colorful city of Melbourne, Australia, is one of the best places to visit if you love coffee, we believed her. 

According to Samantha, "They really take their coffee seriously. They don't muddy it up with flavorings or sugars or whipped cream or anything. It's really to celebrate the coffee." The dedication to preparation brings out the natural flavor of the roasted beans and makes Melbourne coffee extra special. 

Samantha Brown isn't the only traveler in awe of Melbourne's coffee. The city is often called the "Coffee Capital of the World." Coffee lovers worldwide agree that Melbourne makes some of the best brew on the planet. If you're a coffee connoisseur searching for a destination where you can meander between trendy cafés and sample the finest brews, it's time to plan a trip to Melbourne. 

Coffee and culture in Melbourne

Sipping espresso at a hip café is simply part of the lifestyle for locals living in Australia's largest city by population. Melbourne is a hub for arts and culture and an excellent place to live for anyone looking to thrive in a creative career. The stylish, artsy locals have helped to mold Melbourne's café culture into what it is today, but the root of excellent coffee dates back to World War II. After the war, many Italian immigrants arrived in Melbourne, bringing their love of coffee with them. They opened some of the first espresso bars around the city, and Melbourne still has one of the best "Little Italys" around the world. 

The scene was further shaped by Greek immigrants who left behind civil war in the 1940s and moved to Melbourne. Coffee is an integral part of Greek culture, as are cafés. The Greek "kafeteria" emerged in the mid 1900s as a place for young people to relax while enjoying their coffee. Greek immigrants who arrived in Melbourne brought their love for socializing in cafés, which influenced the Melbourne coffee culture.

In the early 2000s, artisanal coffee was becoming more popular around the world, and Melbourne was no exception. Soon, "third-wave" specialty cafés began opening around the city, and Melbourne locals gained an appreciation for quality beans and spending time in stylish coffee shops. Exploring the coffee culture is one of the best budget-friendly things to do on your trip to Melbourne. 

Experiencing Melbourne's best cafés

These days, coffee has firmly cemented itself in Melbourne's culture. It's a huge industry, supporting more than 2,000 cafés, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from during your trip. If you don't know where to begin, consider booking a coffee tour. The Melbourne Coffee Lovers Walking Tour lasts about three hours and visits four unique cafés where you can sample coffee drinks. The Café Culture Walk is another excellent choice. The tour travelerblogs hidden gems and includes plenty of sips, samples, and a café lunch.

Some of Melbourne's most famous cafés include Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, Higher Ground, Industry Beans, Proud Mary, Dukes Coffee Roasters, and Everyday Coffee. You may find that the best way to experience the café scene is to simply wander around the city until you stumble upon a hidden gem. It's difficult to find a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne.

According to Samantha Brown's TikTok, you shouldn't skip sampling the Melbourne Magic coffee drink. She explained that the coffee drink is two shots (coming about three-quarters of the way up the cup) and topped with just a little milk. "It is really magic," Brown added.

Coffee is even part of Melbourne's nightlife. The espresso martini is one of the most beloved cocktails, and festivals are dedicated to the delicious boozy beverage throughout Australia. Make sure to order one during your visit to the Coffee Capital.