TikToker Living In Italy Reveals Unexpected Things That Instantly Out You As A Tourist

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, with tourists arriving from all over to get a glimpse of the ancient historical sites, the canals of Venice, and the picturesque coastlines.

However, some visitors stick out more than others in the boot-shaped country — namely Americans, according to TikToker @rachaelsulli_. The content creator explains in a video that she lives in Florence and passes out flyers to American tourists as part of her job, which has made her pretty good at spotting them just based on their appearance and mannerisms.


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One way she says she can identify a tourist is by their drinking habits. Americans carry around big water bottles and coffee in to-go cups, while locals stop to enjoy their beverages. The TikToker also notes that Americans tend to walk faster than Italians, who often stroll at a leisurely pace. Finally, @rachaelsulli_ says that tourists often use walls and other objects for support, which she calls the "American lean." Just because the tourist-trap Tower of Pisa is leaning doesn't mean the locals do.

Commenters agreed that tourists are easy to spot

TikTok users commented on the clip offering explanations for some of @rachaelsulli_'s observations. "Tourists are probably leaning because they've walked 10 miles trying to see as much as they can and are tired," wrote one. Similarly, another explained that they walk fast on vacation because they want to visit as many sites as they can in a short amount of time.

Others added additional signs that out someone as a tourist, including the articles of clothing they wear in Italy. Baseball caps, athleisure, new white sneakers, cargo shorts, and sports jerseys were just some of the giveaways commenters identified.

American-style friendliness can also make tourists from the U.S. stand out in Italy. "Smiling at strangers," wrote one user, with another sharing, "I've also been clocked for smiling a lot and my friendliness." In other cases, habits that could be considered rude by locals are sometimes associated with tourists, according to the commenters. For instance, being loud in public and touching products in shops without intending to buy them can make travelers stick out.

Does it really matter if you stand out?

In response to the TikTok video, one person commented that looking like a tourist shouldn't matter during a vacation, a point that has earned over 400 "likes" to date. Indeed, worrying about looking like a tourist shouldn't stop you from having fun in Italy. Plus, some behaviors, such as snapping photos at famous sites or joining a tour group, will reveal your outsider status no matter what you do.

Still, standing out could spell trouble if you're not careful. Making yourself known to strangers as a tourist could attract attention from greedy pickpockets looking for their next target. You could also receive less friendly service while dining out or browsing at shops, especially if you don't attempt to use the local language. And by acting as you typically do back home, you could inadvertently offend the locals and their culture. On that note, when in Italy, don't wear your hat indoors, avoid yelling in public, and resist kicking your shoes off in front of strangers, no matter how tired your feet are.

With these points in mind, consider the TikTokers' observations next time you travel to Italy. Sip your espresso at the coffee bar, keep your voice down, and slow your pace when walking. As the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."