Why Samantha Brown Avoids This Beloved Airport Luxury

Samantha Brown is living the dream as a professional traveler, and with that job comes plenty of perks. For one, the TV host has access to fancy-schmancy airport lounges that some travelers wouldn't dare dream about or have to pay a hefty fee for. However, just because Brown can use the lounges doesn't mean she does. In fact, the travel expert revealed in a TikTok clip that she avoids spending time in airport lounges before a flight. "I don't like going to the lounges," she explained. "One of the reasons why is that I feel like I always want to be by my gate, and when you're at the lounge, you're not near your gate. [I have] a bit of anxiety with that." If you feel differently about these facilities, use this tool to find and access incredible airport lounges.


I like to roam. Check out where people are heading to: Madrid, Tokyo, Minneapolis. The gates are portals to different worlds yet here we are inhabiting the same space for a fleeting moment. I love airports.

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Nonetheless, Brown makes a valid point: No airport lounge is worth nearly missing your flight for. She also noted in the video's caption that experiencing an airport's (sometimes chaotic) atmosphere can actually be fun. Roaming around and watching other travelers at their gates offers a glimpse into different people's lives just as they're about to jet off to destinations around the world. That might be more interesting than sandwiches being served in the nearby lounge.

Samantha Brown likes to stay active at the airport

We all know how uncomfortable it can become sitting in those cramped airplane seats for hours. That's why, rather than spending time relaxing in an airport lounge, Brown prefers to get moving in her free time before boarding. You may want to give her tips a try.

In an interview, the frequent flier told The Points Guy that she usually walks around the airport instead of finding a place to sit. "I get exercise in, so I look around, I probably shop a little." Sitting with a snack or drink — similar to what you'll be doing during your flight anyway — isn't on Brown's agenda. "Even if it's a long-haul flight I like to be up on my feet as long as I possibly can so I'm really tired when I get on the plane and I can just sleep."

If you've wandered around your entire terminal and still have time to kill, look for alternative activities. Start with our tips for surviving a long layover. Or imitate the travel guru. In an AARP video, Brown demonstrates how she indulges in activities at the airport while she awaits her flight, including practicing her golf swing. However, if you don't consider yourself a linksman, look for a gym, pool, or yoga studio inside the travel hub.

Strike up a conversation at the airport

Making new friends can be one of the best parts of any trip, and according to Brown, these connections can be forged as soon as you arrive at the airport. In an airport lounge, you might find travelers working on their laptops or having a pre-boarding meal with their family, but outside these areas, you'll see all kinds of people — including some that may be open to chit-chatting.

Making friends is a useful and fulfilling way to expend extra time at the airport. You could discover that you're heading to the same destination and swap itinerary ideas. Who knows, your new pal may tip you off to our savvy traveler's guide to avoiding tourist traps and scams! Of course, not all airport visitors are going to be up for socializing, but as Brown explained to Money, traveling with a three-plug outlet adapter can be an easy way to invite conversation. "This way, at the airport, if you see all the outlets are taken, you can ask someone if they can share," she said.