What Avelo Passengers Really Think Of The Budget Airline

Traveling with a budget airline can seem like the surest way to get the cheapest flight for any trip. Typically, you don't have to pay the steep costs attached to tickets booked with major air carriers, yet you can still expect to reach your destination just as you would on any other flight. However, if you ask some frequent fliers, they may warn that, when it comes to travel, you get what you pay for.

Despite the negative reputation often associated with low-cost carriers, Avelo launched in 2021, branding itself as the latest affordable airline. Introductory fares start at $19, making it, in theory, cheaper to fly to a different city than it would be to grab a meal at the average sit-down restaurant. Avelo also offers routes between small, underserved hubs, an appealing choice for travelers who don't live near a major airport.

But the question remains: Is Avelo any better than other budget airlines? According to those who have flown with the carrier, it beats expectations in some ways, yet you might still be better off flying with a major airline to avoid hassle and frustration.

Avelo customers warn the price to fly might not be as low as it appears

Avelo's advertised fares can be enticing, but according to fliers, they're sometimes too good to be true. Meghna Maharishi, writing for The Points Guy, flew on a one-way Avelo flight between Wilmington, Delaware, and Orlando and paid a total of $169 (including one checked bag) for the trip — not so different from what it might cost to fly with a major carrier.

Reddit users shared similar fares. One named u/NCRayz wrote in a thread, "I priced a flight on Avelo and after just a typical add on (e.g. a carry-on), it was only $10 less than Jet Blue round trip. If you need to check a bag, it was $60 each way. I didn't even select the option to pay for a specific seat!" On airline review site Skytrax, users agree that Avelo's budget-friendly branding can be misleading. "I was charged 65.00 for overhead luggage going and returning. Totalling 130.00 the almost amount of my total flight," shared reviewer I Rags, adding that their luggage was small enough to fit under the seat in front of them.

Keep in mind that, in addition to strict baggage allowance policies, Avelo provides no-frills flights. You can't choose your own seat for free, the cabin space isn't so comfy, and water is often the only beverage provided, if it's offered at all.

In some areas, Avelo Airlines is better than you might expect

Avelo Airlines may not have the comfy amenities other pricier airlines offer, but they deliver where it counts most: on reliability. The airline states on its website that, when compared to data provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, it's one of the most punctual carriers in the country. In 2023, 82.8% of Avelo's flights left on time, beating out all but one other carrier. It also canceled only 0.18% of its flights in 2023, setting the record for the fewest flights canceled.

If your plans change and you need to modify or cancel a flight, Avelo is also highly accommodating. There are no fees for revising or canceling a booking, a practically unheard of offer given Avelo's dirt-cheap prices (penalty fees are common in the industry for travelers who book economy seats). Avelo has also gotten relatively solid marks for customer service. On Skytrax, "Staff Service" was the category where the airline scored the highest, with Skytrax user L Geare writing, "I found the gate crew to be friendly, making intelligent announcements. The onboard staff was helpful & friendly and the pilot made timely and helpful announcements concerning weather & turbulence."

With that said, several Avelo passengers have shared their experiences with delayed and canceled flights. Reviewers, who have given Avelo an overall average rating of 3 out of 10 stars on Skytrax, complained that they weren't sufficiently helped after suffering through flight cancellations or overnight delays.