The US Airline Some Travelers Don't Realize Does Not Offer Free Water Or Snacks In-Flight

There are many things airlines used to do but don't anymore, from allowing smoking to enforcing dress codes. While some of these changes may be welcomed by most modern travelers, others can make flying a less comfortable experience. Hop on a flight with a certain low-cost carrier, and you might find that they don't even offer free water or basic snacks — an amenity that was once considered standard.

A Tiktoker named @special_head learned this the hard way when he was refused free water on a flight. By the look of the cabin crew's uniforms, he seemed to be traveling with Spirit Airlines. In the clip, a flight attendant states that it is Spirit's policy not to offer free drinks to travelers. "I'll see if I get dehydrated by the end of the flight," the content creator quipped.


Guess what airline.....

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Spirit Airlines confirms on its website that it doesn't offer complimentary beverages or food to passengers, no matter how long the journey may be. "​Doing this helps us to keep prices low for all of our Guests," the carrier states. Given how important it is to drink lots of water while flying, it's best to bring your own water bottle when traveling with Spirit and fill it up at the airport before boarding.

Hungry or thirsty? Expect to pay

If you're completely famished by the time you board your Spirit flight, know that you don't have to suffer until you reach your destination. The airline offers food and drinks from its in-flight menu for passengers willing to pay. Just use a credit card or apps such as Apple Pay or Google Pay and grab a snack from a flight attendant to hold you over. Alternatively, you can sign up for the Free Spirit membership and receive a free snack and non-alcoholic beverage once you reach Gold status.

Like most available-for-purchase airline food, the menu items on Spirit flights aren't exactly cheap. As of 2024, a cup of coffee is $4.25, while canned soft drinks, juices, and mixers are $4.49. A muffin will run you back $4.49, and a small package of chips, chocolate, or instant noodles will cost $5.49. Larger snack packs and cheese trays are among the priciest items at $9.49. And what if you just wanted water all along? A simple bottle of water costs the same amount as a soda, at $4.49.

There is one way to get free water on a Spirit flight

In @special_head's TikTok, flight attendants offered one scenario where passengers could receive free water: if there was a medical emergency on the flight. Of course, a medical emergency isn't something you'd want to have happen during your trip. Moreover, it's not a good idea to fake an illness at 30,000 feet just for a little H2O.

However, as some commented on the TikTok video, you could explain to the cabin crew that you have medicine to take and need water to wash it down. This is one option if you need to take a daily pill or medicine for a travel-induced headache and would rather not pay over $4 for a bottle of water. If you don't actually have any medicine to take and simply want to save money, try this hack at your own discretion.

Another way to nab free water on a Spirit flight is to ask for a cup of ice. The airline is known to offer ice to passengers who ask, no fee involved. Give your ice time to melt, and eventually, you'll be left with a small cup of water to quench your mid-flight thirst.