Rick Steves Has A Fun Tip On How To Choose Your Next Vacation Destination

With so many incredible places to visit around the world, choosing where to plan your next trip can be challenging. Even seasoned travelers sometimes become overwhelmed by all the options and struggle to narrow down their bucket list in order to start planning a trip. Before you can dive into researching all of the exciting attractions, hidden gems, and epic places to stay, you'll first have to decide where you're going. Fortunately, Rick Steves has some excellent advice on choosing your next vacation destination.

Rick Steves is a best-selling author, TV host, and one of our all-time favorite travel experts. Throughout his impressive career he's visited destinations all over the world. He even hosts group tours around Europe, which are attended by around 30,000 people annually. As you can imagine, he knows a lot about trip planning. Next time you're in need of a little vacation inspiration, take it from Rick Steves and try following the fun.

"I like to go where the people are having the most fun," he said in a video posted on his website. To find the most fun, consider planning your trip around a festival. Full of vibrancy, excitement, community, and celebration, festivals offer unforgettable travel experiences. According to Rick Steves, they're an ideal jumping-off point for planning your next travel itinerary.

Festivals offer unforgettable cultural experiences

Humans have been throwing festivals since time immemorial, and they're still held all over the world today. The oldest recorded festivals date back thousands of years. Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Rome all had their own unique celebrations. As a species, our passion for festivals has only grown. We simply love an excuse to gather together with our communities and celebrate — and many modern festivals around the world have ancient roots. Festivals can be held for religious reasons, in correspondence with holidays and seasons, to honor specific historical figures, or commemorate events. Music festivals are continuing to grow in popularity, especially in the United States, and make for epic weekend getaways with groups of friends where you can admire art and listen to your favorite bands. 

Many hundreds of festivals are held all over the world each year. With so many unique celebrations, it's safe to say that there really is something for everyone. Festivals make ideal destinations for travelers because they allow us to interact with the locals in the places we visit, discover unique traditions, and learn about a region's cultural heritage. At a festival, you can taste mouth-watering local cuisine, dance to traditional music, admire colorful community art and traditional styles of clothing. Locals are often excited to show off their culture and traditions, so it's an excellent way to connect and make new friends while you're abroad.

Planning your trip around a festival to fit your needs

When it comes to choosing which festival to attend, consider your own travel style. Are you someone who enjoys nightlife and partying until the sun comes up? You'll find plenty of festivals, like Oktoberfest and Carnival (including Mardi Gras), where the party never stops. Do you love admiring the work of local artisans and shopping until you drop? Check out the Christmas Markets in Europe. Foodies should consider attending one of the many unique food festivals around the world. Are you inspired by literature, music, or mother nature? Perhaps you're more of a history buff who loves a laid-back atmosphere. Not to worry — there's a festival out there for you. If you aren't a fan of massive crowds, you may want to opt for a more intimate festival held in a small town as opposed to one of the world's biggest cultural festivals.

Once you've selected which festival you'd like to experience, you can plan the rest of your trip accordingly. Consider arriving several days before the festival to relax and get your bearings. Most festivals last a few days, but some last several weeks. After you've enjoyed the festival, stick around for a while and enjoy more of the destination's unique sights and flavors. If you're planning on attending one of the more popular festivals, ensure that you book your accommodations well in advance — and expect higher prices.