Cheryl Kochenderfer

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
San Francisco State University
Solo Vacations, Budget Travel, Digital Nomad Lifestyles
  • Cheryl dove headfirst into solo travel at a young age, spending her junior year of high school studying in Spain.
  • She's visited almost all the continents, with the exception of Antarctica.
  • She enjoys calligraphy and has learned four different writing systems: Arabic, Korean, Cyrillic, and, of course, the Latin alphabet.


Cheryl was born in Spain, raised in California, and has spent most of her life abroad. She spent a decade teaching internationally before realizing she preferred being behind-the-scenes writing. While she enjoys planning the occasional road trip or weekend getaway, she has a soft spot for slow travel and spontaneous adventures. She's travelerblogd Taiwan's mountains and waterfalls by motorbike, eaten her way through the country of Georgia, and hitchhiked through New Zealand. Currently, she calls Buenos Aires home, where you can find her cafe hopping, wine tasting, and visiting all the street fairs.


Cheryl has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a California Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University.
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