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King's College London
Classic Sci-Fi Cinema, Prestige TV, Marvel And DC Movies
  • Chris has worked extensively as a background extra, briefly appearing in films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • His love of movies was kindled at 8 years old when he saw The Fellowship of the Ring at the cinema. He went back four times.
  • As the father of a young child, Chris has become an accidental expert in the Cars and Despicable Me franchises — but he doesn't really mind that.


Chris has been writing professionally since 2010, having scored his first gig covering local music in North East England. After interning with Esquire and NME during university, he began working as a freelance travel reporter and food critic, writing for outlets such as Travel + Leisure, Time Out, INSIDER, and West London Living. He joined Alb Media in 2017 and later pivoted towards his oldest passions: film and TV. Today, he writes features for /Film and works as a script editor across all of the company's brands.


In 2014, Chris graduated King's College London with a degree in history.
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