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New Jersey
The College Of New Jersey
U.S. & International Travel, Budget Traveling, Historical Travel Destinations
  • Ever since he first stepped foot on a plane, Richard has enjoyed everything related to travel. Along with his adventurous family, he's visited every state along the East Coast, from Northern Maine to the tip of the Florida Keys, not to mention most states in the Southwestern U.S.
  • More recently, he has traveled extensively outside of the U.S. to many different places, including Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and more.


Through Wealth of Geeks and Traveler Blog, Richard has been wading into the world of travel, an endlessly exciting topic for him personally and one of his foremost interests as a writer. An avid reader and amateur history buff, he loves combining his love for the outdoors with his passion for reading, enthusiastically researching all the places he's set to visit beforehand. Richard's career in journalism began as a freelance medical writer for PhysicianSense and MDLinx. From there, he ventured into sports writing for Sportskeeda and has more prominently worked as an entertainment writer for Screen Rant, Wealth of Geeks, and Looper.


While attending The College of New Jersey, Richard received a B.A. in communication studies and a B.A. in journalism and professional writing.
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