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10 Reasons Why Panama Should Be Your Next Travel Destination
The completed renovations at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City have definitely improved the overall experience of flying in and out of the country. The airport can comfortably accommodate 15 million passengers a year in a calming and straight-forward atmosphere, as no amenity is too far away.
Renovated Airport
Panama's official state currency is the balboa, but if you're visiting from the United States, you'll be in luck: one dollar in the U.S. is the equivalent of one balboa in Panama, and you can use your paper U.S. dollars anywhere in the country. Panama does not print paper money, but it does have its own coin system that is still very similar to the one in the States.
The US Dollar
Panama lies 9 degrees north of the equator, so travelers from the Northern Hemisphere might be surprised to learn that December kicks off the beginning of summer in Panama. There are still plenty of days between May and December that are sunny and gorgeous, but it could get more rain than the rest of the year.
Opposite Seasons
Panama's history is one of colonization and liberation from other nations, like Spain and Colombia, and annual celebrations are held in honor of the battles Panamanians have fought and won to gain independence. The Panama History Museum in Casco Antiguo can teach much about Panama’s history, as well as the riveting story of building the Panama Canal.
Rich History & Culture
As a nation, Panama is a melting pot of many races, ethnicities, cultures, and influences, with vibrant communities of people who have Spanish, Chinese, Afro-Caribbean, African, and American ancestry. This makes Panama a popular destination for people from all over the world, giving the tourist population a diverse boost as well.