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12 Fun Things To Do On Your Solo Trip To Paris
Solo travelers should make sure not to broadcast their itinerary or make it obvious that they’re alone. It is also highly recommended to wear pickpocket-proof clothing and avoid bringing along items that could easily be lost or stolen.
Important Safety Tips
A great way to start your trip is with a self-guided, private, small group, or standard walking tour. Regardless of type, a walking tour will help you check off most of the iconic sights, like the Eiffel Tower and Opéra National de Paris, while simultaneously getting a better sense of the city.
Take a Walking Tour
If you’re wanting luxurious shopping, try Avenue des Champs-Élysées or the Louvre and Tuileries District. Alternatively, The Galeries Lafayette Department Stores is an old-world Parisian shopping center with Belle Époque architecture, the latest fashions, gourmet food, home furnishings, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, and more.
Treat yourself to Shopping
Paris has over 150 incredible museums. From the prestigious Louvre Museum and Musée d'Orsay, to the Petit Palais or Musée Moreau, exploring these multi-level wonders is a great solo activity that is as enjoyable as it is insightful.
Check Out the Museums
There's nothing quite like going for a relaxing cruise down the Seine River. There are a variety of tours, dinners, lunches, and more that you can enjoy as you float along this lovely and iconic river taking in the sights and sounds of the City of Lights.
Cruise Down the Seine River