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18 Best Ways To Help You Get Through Airport Security Faster
Preparing before you arrive at the airport is often a time-saver, so a quick overview of the standard TSA rules and regulations will allow you to plan accordingly. For instance, you will need to take out your electronic devices or laptop during screening, so pack them in a way to make them accessible in a user-friendly carry-on bag.
Prep Before Arrival
Opt for easy-to-remove shoes and outer attire and TSA-approved clothing and accessories to get through security easily. Boots, belts, or anything you are frequently reminded to take off to avoid setting off a metal detector just takes up more time with extra pat-downs and the like, so it’s best to choose your entire outfit accordingly.
Wear TSA-Approved Clothing
You will need to show your boarding pass, passport, or ID card, so they should be ready to pull out quickly and easily. Knowing exactly where these documents are will speed up the process and prevent you from doing the semi-unpack to search for them while in line.
Have Your Documents Ready
In addition to properly planning ahead, travelers should check to see if they are flying out of one of the airports in the United States that offer TSA pre-booking. Up to 72 hours before their flight, passengers can go online to reserve an appointment.
Make a Pre-Booked Reservation
Travelers can also take advantage of several services that allow passengers to get through security faster, such as TSA PreCheck or the Trusted Traveler Program. You can apply for either online which will ensure a shorter, quicker security check lineup when traveling.
Get TSA PreCheck