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23 Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Long Layover
You probably won't need to go through security again, but you should set an alarm so you don't overestimate how much time you have to get back to the gate.
1. Plan Your Time Wisely
If you know you'll have a long layover, pack your carry-on bag with items you'll need, like charging cables, snacks, sleep masks, and noise-canceling headphones.
2. Pack Accordingly
Most airports have maps online to help passengers navigate the building. Knowing where amenities and gates are will help you use your time effectively.
3. Download The Airport Map
Layering is the key to comfortable air travel, both on the plane and in the airport. Dress so you can remove or add an item if you get too hot or cold.
4. Layer Up
Most airports no longer offer lockers, so you'll have to take your carry-on items through the airport, though you might be able to rent a baggage cart.
5. No Lockers