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25 Enchanting Castles Around The World
The castle where Rapunzel is kept in the Disney movie, "Tangled," looks much like this breathtaking ancient abbey. Mont-Saint-Michel is one of France's most visited historical places, with 2.5 million tourists catching an up-close look at medieval architecture every year in Normandy.
The beauty of Neuschwanstein, perched high on a hill in southwest Bavaria, inspired Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty castle. One of the most visited castles in Europe, it draws 1.4 million visitors annually to see its slender spires, impressive towering roofs, and ornately decorated interiors.
Neuschwanstein Castle
The family home to the kings and queens of England for over 1,000 years, Windsor is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. Guests can tour its 13 acres, even when the Royal Standard flag is flying from the castle's Round Tower, signaling the monarch is home.
Windsor Castle
Sitting atop a 340-million-year-old extinct volcano above the capital city, Edinburgh Castle is the country's most-visited paid-for tourist attraction. Open year-round, visitors can see Scotland's crown jewels, a howitzer known as the One O'Clock Gun, three military museums, and the National War Memorial.
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Built in 1583, the exquisite Osaka Castle in Japan is now a museum showcasing the castle's history and Japanese leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi. With castle turrets, stone walls, a large garden, and moats, movie buffs might recognize this one from the 1955 film, "Godzilla Raids Again."
Osaka Castle, Japan