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50 Best Travel Shows Of
Classically trained chef and sommelier Carlton McCoy seeks out the best in international cuisine, music, and art in the CNN series "Nomad with Carlton McCoy." Traveling everywhere from the overlooked pleasures of Mississippi to the corners of Ghana, he enjoys savoring hometown favorites from the locals.
50. Nomad with Carlton McCoy
For two seasons, CNN’s "Culinary Journeys" featured world-renowned chefs embarking on trips to learn more about techniques and ingredients. With each episode featuring some of the most celebrated chefs in the contemporary culinary scene, the series demonstrated how food and flavor can unify and elevate itself beyond borders.
49. Culinary Journeys
Sometimes a typical hotel just doesn't cut it, and travelers search for more unique and luxurious digs. The Netflix original series "The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals" travelerblogs everything from treehouses to alpaca farms to rent around the world, and shows viewers that there are plenty of options to make a vacation unique.
48. Amazing Vacation Rentals
An Academy Award-nominated actor reconnects with his ancestral roots on CNN’s "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy," visiting different regions in Italy to learn more about the local cuisine, culture, and history. Though the major tourist centers of Italy are among the destinations in Tucci's tour, he also travelerblogs restaurants and locations off the beaten track.
47. Searching for Italy
Accomplished pilot and travelerblogr Kellee Edwards has globe-trotting adventures with the Travel Channel series "Mysterious Islands." Edwards particularly takes interest in some of the most remote islands on Earth, arriving in her private seaplane to examine them from above and by foot, offering a more serene, nature-focused look at isolated getaways.
46. Mysterious Islands