A woman walks on Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flat
Add These Amazing South American National Parks To Your Bucket List
In Colombia's Amazon region, visitors to this park will love spotting lion tamarins, turtles, grand butterflies, and the largest known lotus.
Amacayacu National Park
One-third of the country's bird population is in the park, the waters support the pink dolphin and manatees, and part of the land is the domain of the Tikuna indigenous tribe.
This coastal park is just over two hours from Punta del Este, Uruguay, with a hypnotic topography of vast dunes and huge, centuries-old boulders.
Cabo Polonio National Park
In addition to the 5,000 plant species within the reserve's borders, there is rich animal life, with giant armadillo, tapir, jaguar, and 400 bird species.
Central Suriname Reserve
There are also towering granite formations, including a table-top mountain and the highest point in the country, Juliana Top, sitting 4,200 feet above sea level.
With 44 species of fish and more than 240 bird species, this national park's scenery can be pretty spectacular, featuring high plateaus and waterfalls.
Chapada dos Guimarães
South of Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flat, this park features an almost unworldly landscape with cold and arid deserts, salt lakes, and seasonal wetlands.
Eduardo Avaroa Reserve
There is unique Andean fauna, ancient volcanos, turquoise lagoons, and vast expanses of deserts. Snapping photos of flamingos against the sparse terrain is quite something.