A tall roller coaster
Add These Roller Coasters Coming Out In 2024 To Your Bucket List
Per SeaWorld San Antonio, this coaster will be the "world’s first launched flume coaster" and will boast the "only vertical lift in North America."
Catapult Falls – San Antonio, TX
The ride’s vessels propel down its biggest hill by launching forward rather than using a traditional lift. With a 53-degree drop, it’ll be the "world’s steepest flume coaster."
In 2024, this coaster will appear in Universal Studio Japan’s Super Nintendo World area. The coaster’s official name is yet to be confirmed.
DK Country Roller Coaster
This coaster will likely mimic the movements of the game by having two layers of track: One that appears to be wood, and the real track underneath, hidden from riders’ viewpoint.
Not to be confused with the ride of the same name at Silver Dollar City that will close at the end of 2023, this ride is completely different.
Fire In The Hole – Branson, MO
The coaster will include three drops and a few splashes. Its narrative is based on the real incident of the Baldknobbers vigilantes burning the town of Maramos.
Opening in April 2024 at Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia, this coaster will be what’s known as a half-pipe shuttle roller coaster.
The Flash: Speed Force
Riders will sit in a circle and face outward with an over-the-shoulder harness. The halfpipe-shaped track is 220 feet long and can move riders at speeds up to 43 mph.
When it opens at Holiday World in May 2024, Good Gravy! will be the park’s first family coaster. It’s described as a steel boomerang coaster.
Good Gravy! – Santa Claus, IN
The coaster features a 77-foot spike, in which riders scale forward and then backward in the direction they came, thus like a boomerang, reaching up to 37 mph.