A colorful street of homes in France
Add These Underrated Tourist Attractions To Your France Bucket List
Bretagne's white sand and turquoise waters are the best beaches in France, and the food will leave you with a new favorite regional cuisine.
The Beaches of Bretagne
Towns like Rennes and Le Havre are popular getaways for Parisians, or for even less crowds, try quaint and sleepy villages like Dinan, Saint-Malo, and Brest.
Metz is the best-kept secret for fewer crowds, an adorable city, and an impressive annual Christmas Market with an ice rink, a giant Ferris wheel, and numerous food vendors.
In August, visit the Mirabelle Festival, a celebration of plums with parades, shows, and markets with samples in this under-the-radar town.
Lyon's Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvièreis is much less crowded than other famous churches and is free to enter. Built in the 1800s, it has stunning panoramic views.
The Lyon Basilica
Several paths, gardens, and stairways lead to the basilica, or you can walk up Fouvière Hill from the Old Town — the city's original center when it was founded in 43 BC.
This bridge initially opened in 1185 with 22 arches. It was rebuilt after a battle in 1226, but today, only four arches remain, along with a small museum.
Saint Bénézet Bridge
Access Saint Bénézet through Avignon's Old City, and nearby Arles, Nimes, and Montpellier make great additions to an itinerary if you are in the area.
Best known as a Christmas destination, Alsace offers a different French wine experience and primarily produces white wine due to its location and weather.
Alsace Wine Country
The main varieties are Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Gewürztraminer, and a Riesling that is much drier than the sweet kind usually associated with the name.
The regional crémant is a sparkling white wine made of a blend of the different grapes grown in the area. There are numerous wine-tasting tours, including active ones via bike.