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Amazing Bridges Around The World
Although its beauty is enough to make the Széchenyi Chain Bridge stand out, this was the first permanent stone bridge to connect Pest and Buda, two cities in Hungary that would later merge to become Budapest. Inaugurated in November 1849, it reflects its name with its iron chain links.
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
If you've seen photographs or paintings of the streets of Venice, chances are you've seen the Rialto Bridge. In the heart of the Italian city, the Rialto Bridge was constructed more than 400 years ago and today is one of the city's most
popular sights.
Rialto Bridge
Located in Iwakuni, Japan, the Kintaikyo Bridge is one of the city's most famous landmarks. With five wooden arches resting on stone pillars that cross the Nishiki River, it is often captured in images with beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom over the river in the spring.
Kintaikyo Bridge
The Millau Viaduct Bridge in Millau, France, took three years and nearly 600 workers to construct. Stretching more than 8,000 feet, this comparatively newer work of architectural beauty was completed in December 2004, and connects Clermont-Ferrand to the town of Béziers.
Millau Viaduct Bridge
Nicknamed Old Bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, is a charming medieval bridge constructed in 1218. Towering across the Arno River in Florence, Italy, it's housed shops since the 13th century and is known for being the only bridge along the river that withstood World War II attacks.
Ponte Vecchio