American Chef Anthony Bourdain in the Liberdade area of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Anthony Bourdain's Tips For The Perfect Travel Experience
Anthony Bourdain embodied the phrase, "Be a traveler, not a tourist," by seeking out areas and sights beyond the obvious tourist hubs wherever he traveled.
Go Beyond
He encouraged travelers to go beyond what they knew regarding food, trying more than the international version of a chain restaurant and expanding their palate with local cuisine.
It was common for Bourdain to film episodes of his shows without a script, and he encouraged his viewers to travel without planning every second of a trip.
Be Spontaneous
By leaving room for intentional spontaneity, you can try things you hadn't even considered doing and leave yourself some breathing room.
Bourdain believed every experience, from the expected and mundane to the life-changing, teaches us something about ourselves and the world around us.
Be Uncomfortable
When we let ourselves be in different experiences, especially those that force us out of our comfort zone, we travel with a keener sense of openness.
Anthony Bourdain would travelerblog by foot when exploring a city, particularly a new one. In many cases, you can discover so much more than taking a car.
Walk, Don't Ride
If you only ride around, you may miss the best spots for a quick bite or a unique shop. Try to take some time to walk around, even if it's just at one of the stops on your list.
Bourdain advised being nice to people you encounter while traveling the world. "Getting angry and frustrated in much of the world doesn't help at all," Bourdain said.
Be Nice
"Have a willingness to try new stuff. Be grateful for any hospitality offered. And be flexible in your plans because a rigid itinerary is lethal to a good time," Bourdain said.