A cruise docked at an island destination.
Avoid An Upset Stomach On Your Next Cruise By Skipping These Foods
Cruises have a reputation for causing tummy troubles, but thankfully, you can prevent ruining your cruise vacation by skipping these types of foods.
Avoid foods that aren't usually in your diet. It can be thrilling to try every dessert or an exotic dish, but too many new and unusual foods can overwhelm your digestive system.
Fresh salad and condiments might seem like a safe and healthy option, but if they've been handled by multiple people, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
When possible, choose raw foods that are still in their original packaging or that you cut and peel yourself, such as apples and bananas.
Raw seafood, including sushi, is another food to watch out for on your next cruise. Uncooked fish can carry parasites and spread bacterial infections.
You should also avoid any hot foods that are kept at a temperature below 140 degrees Fahrenheit (and if there's no thermometer in sight, steer clear).
For cold foods, ensure they're kept on ice that's still frozen. If you witness another sailer mishandling the food, notify the buffet staff, and ask for a fresh serving.