Woman with cabin suitcase bags ready to travel
Photo taken indoors of casual woman ready for vacation with carry-on luggage
Avoid Suitcase Elbow With This Doctor Recommended Luggage Type
According to Dr. Jason Singh, a physician at One Oak Medical, "Suitcase elbow is medically termed cubital tunnel syndrome and is an inflammatory process."
Travelers face the risk of developing suitcase elbow if they improperly carry their luggage with their elbows flexed, according to insights from Dr. Singh.
To avoid this, he advises that the best luggage is a suitcase with either two or four wheels that can be pulled instead of one that is carried, like a duffle bag.
Keeping your elbow extended while rolling a suitcase will prevent suitcase elbow, as the ulnar nerve won't be compressed.
Dr. Singh also said, "In general, wider, fixed handles distribute weight more evenly across the hand and wrist, which is better."