Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park
Avoid These Dangerous Hikes Across The US
While Yosemite National Park is beginner-friendly, the Half Dome is often ranked first on serious hikers' bucket lists because it's incredibly high-risk.
Half Dome, California
The most infamous part is the ascent up two metal cables on the last 400 feet to the summit. It's just sheer rock the whole way down, with nothing to stop you if you fall.
Over 60 people have died on the hike, 20 of whom died on this section of the trail, but the climb can be done safely by experienced, healthy hikers with proper footwear.
Angels Landing is a favorite 5-mile-long hike in Zion National Park but is known for being incredibly difficult and dangerous.
Angels Landing, Utah
The last half mile of the hike entails walking along a ridge with 1,000-foot plunges to death on either side with only a measly chain along the rock to help you keep your balance.
The hike only takes around 4 hours but gains nearly 1,500 feet in elevation. It's gorgeous and exciting, but it's also terrifying and deadly.
This entire mountain in Mount Rainier National Park is dangerous, claiming the lives of hundreds, and many have passed away on this 9-mile section.
Camp Muir, Washington
It's scarily common for random snowstorms and freezing temperatures to rip through this area unexpectedly all the time, even in summer.
This Na Pali Coast State Park trail is 11 miles long, and along much of the trail, you're side-by-side with a deadly cliff's edge.
Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
Unstable rocks can fall from the cliffs above the trail, and the sharp drops are often wet. Over 100 people have died hiking here, and even more have been injured.
This remote, 8-mile trail in Canyonlands National Park is not for amateur hikers. It is extremely easy to get lost since the terrain all looks similar.
Maze Overlook Trail, Utah
To get to the trail, you have to drive 2.5 hours to the Hans Flat Ranger Station, then walk or take a high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicle another 27 miles to reach the start.
You're on your own if anything happens along that extremely isolated stretch. Falling rocks and flash floods are common, and this hike takes most hikers three days to a week.