A family on a day trip with a cruise ship in the background
Avoid These Mistakes When Booking Cruise Excursions

Skipping Excursions

While the ship has much to offer and can keep you occupied, fed, and entertained for weeks, trips in ports let you experience culture, language, food, and customs.

By taking an organized trip ashore, you will have a guide that speaks the same language as you, making it easier to enjoy the foreign experience.

Booking Too Late

The most popular excursions are the ones that sell out the fastest, so once you book your cruise, reserve space on your port trip before those slots are gone.
Examples of top sellers for the Caribbean are snorkel tours in the Bahamas and Grand Cayman, ATV tours to remote parts of Aruba, and visiting Old San Juan.
While you can book onboard at the excursion desk, you run the risk of limited availability, and it is often cheaper to purchase them in advance.

Canceling Too Late

If you need to change or cancel a booked excursion, be aware that certain restrictions can limit your ability to attain a refund.
Be sure to check the cancellation windows for the cruise company you’re traveling with. Remember that the closer you get to your sail date, the less likely a full refund will be.

Not Having A Backup

Always have a backup choice, a Plan B (and even a Plan C), just in case the excursion you’re interested in sells out before you can sign up.

Not Checking Reviews

Searching for independent excursion reviews online can give you a better sense of the trip and what to expect when taking a tour.
Cruise Critic is an excellent place to start; it lists many excursions available through its travel partner Viator and reviews for each.