A woman in a yellow bathing suit on a cliff over the ocean
Beautiful South American Beaches To Add To Your Bucket List
In Colombia, Barú is a peninsula, a headland that gets very skinny in its middle, with lagoons and beaches along the way as it extends out into the Caribbean Sea.
The beaches have sugary white or pink sand and clear waters. The peninsula is also home to the National Natural Coral Park of Rosario and San Bernardo.
This beachfront Argentinian town is in a manmade forest with a wide, gorgeous strip of waterfront sand. It feels more like the countryside than a commercialized beach town.
While relaxing and swimming are key to the beach experience, some visitors like to revel on the sand and play soccer, volleyball, and rugby.
Translating to the "golden coast," this string of beaches in Uruguay is lightly visited. Though close to the capital, it can be completely secluded on some days.
Costa de Oro
El Pinar is a long strand of beach with tall, skinny pines and dunes for sandboarding. It borders Pando Creek, which creates a gorgeous turquoise sheen as it meets the Atlantic.
This remote Chilean island has mysterious moai — giant stone statues made from volcanic ash that has cooled and hardened, rising to 80 feet in height.
Easter Island
Anakena Beach is possibly the most alluring, with powdery white sand and clear turquoise water that is lovely and calm despite being in the middle of the Pacific.
The array of moai nearby makes the beach extra special, set a little back from the beach with platforms used during ceremonies.
This Brazilian archipelago of 21 islands is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site with amazing marine life and fantastic beaches with clear waters.
Fernando de Noronha
The isles are lauded for their excellent snorkeling and diving to see healthy coral, sharks, turtles, and dolphins, and become a magnet for surfers from December to February.