Mature man with backpack standing on mountain against sky during wonderful sunrise
Best Beach Towns You've Never Heard Of
It's surprising that Capitola is one of those places only West Coasters know about. This California town has generally mild weather throughout the year and a beach lined by beautiful houses painted in bright colors and pastels.
Capitola, California
The Jersey Shore town of Asbury Park is one of the best coastal towns in America, particularly thanks to its boardwalk. Here, beachgoers can find restaurants, shops, and food stands, as well as a water park and mini-golf course.
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Siesta Key, Florida, isn’t as famous as other Florida destinations like Miami, Orlando, or Key West. A barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, it has three beaches: Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach, and Siesta Beach, the latter being notable for its fine, white quartz sand.
Siesta Key, Florida
Located about 9 miles away from Maui, Lanai is the smallest inhabited island of Hawaii. Stay in a luxury resort, tee off at the golf course or travelerblog the more remote parts of the island with a four-wheel-drive car. With 18 miles of coastline, it's the perfect under-the-radar destination.
Lanai, Hawaii
About 12 miles off the coast of mainland Rhode Island, Block Island is a truly underrated vacation spot, with 17 miles of free public beaches, more than 30 miles of hiking trails, and fantastic views of 250-foot-high seaside cliffs.
Block Island, Rhode Island