Tulips surround a statue in Boston
Best Eco-Friendly Vacation Destinations Across The US
This iconic city boasts an extensive system of buses, trolleys, cable cars, and ferries as environmentally responsible options for navigating the city.
San Francisco, California
Golden Gate Park's sustainably-minded gardens and eco-friendly attractions have aesthetic appeal, conserve water resources, and support local ecosystems.
Ferry Building Marketplace is a haven for locally sourced, organic cuisine and a perfect spot to immerse yourself in San Francisco's vibrant culture and sustainable culinary scene.
This city's restaurants offer local produce, creating a farm-to-fork movement that supports local farmers and celebrates the area's agricultural heritage.
Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville's dedication to sustainability also extends to its local craft markets, agriculture programs, and CSA Fairs to meet farmers, buy their produce, and attend workshops.
Beyond its artistic and culinary allure, visitors can engage with the abundance of nature firsthand on the Appalachian Trail or travelerblog the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Acadia is a beacon of eco-friendliness, showcasing human interaction with nature and a reminder of why sustainable tourism is essential.
Acadia National Park, Maine
Acadia is a diverse 47,000-acre park with 120 miles of well-maintained trails and many ecosystems ranging from lush forests to vibrant tidal pools.
Many visitors opt for hiking or biking instead of driving, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the park's preservation of pristine wilderness.
Boston's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint begins with its walkable neighborhoods that lead to its many famous historical sites and reduce traffic.
Boston, Massachusetts
The city's comprehensive transit network, including buses, subways, and ferries, offers a reliable alternative to personal vehicles when a walk might be too far.
Institutions like the Museum of Science educate visitors about environmental initiatives, sustainable practices, and how to incorporate similar applications into their lives.
This inspiring city recognizes the significance of its role as the epicenter of American democracy and commits to environmental responsibility.
Washington, D.C.
A well-connected transit system of buses, the Metrorail, and a bike-sharing program let visitors navigate the city and its historic landmarks responsibly.
The city seeks ways to align urban development and sustainability with green roofs, renewable energy, and proactive efforts in waste reduction, recycling, and water conservation.