Ceiling mural of someone holding toilet paper at Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum
Bizarre Museums To Visit Across The US
Each artifact in this museum is an everyday object free of sentiment and artistic value. It resides in a six-by-six disused freight ground floor elevator space in New York.
The exhibits rotate seasonally, and objects to grace the museum have included packaging from Iranian knockoffs of American fast food, Molotov cocktails, and potato chip bags.
As the museum operates on donations, admission is free. If you show up after hours, the museum offers peepholes, so you don't have to miss out.
In Austin, Minnesota, the SPAM Museum serves as a tribute to this controversial meat whose popularity has ebbed and flowed throughout its more than eighty-year lifespan.
SPAM Museum
Exhibits include a historic Hormel market, a children's play zone, musical instruments made from SPAM cans, and a World Market that highlights SPAM's popularity worldwide.
Fans can honor Zippo lighters and Case knives at this museum in Bradford, Pennsylvania, which features a 40-foot Zippo lighter complete with a glowing neon flame.
Zippo/Case Museum
It is completely free to visit and can be travelerblogd in the span of an hour or two, with guests on Tripadvisor noting the museum's many Instagram-worthy spots.
After running across 50 toilet seats, San Antonio local Barney Smith realized he had found his new medium and opened Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum.
Toilet Seat Art Museum
Using everything from doll heads to coins to calligraphy, Smith finished toilet seat after toilet seat, ultimately amassing a collection of more than a thousand.
The artist opened his collection to the public during the 1990s. The extensive collection resides at Truck Yard The Colony in Texas, an outdoor hangout and food truck garden.
In Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, this museum of ventriloquism features characters and artifacts from around the world dating back to the 19th century.
Vent Haven
The museum exists thanks to one William Shakespeare "W.S." Berger, a colorful character who devoted his free time to amateur ventriloquism.
Although tours are available by appointment only, reviewers on sites like Tripadvisor rave about the current curator's expertise, charisma, and audience engagement.