A dog with its leash in its mouth sitting next to a yellow suitcase and crate
Book These U.S. Hotel Chains If Your Traveling With Pets
This hotel not only allows pets, it caters to them by offering a pet bed, dishes, a waterproof feeding mat for their stay, and complimentary dog treats upon arrival.
The hotel lets two pets in a room and has per-stay fees instead of per night, with no breed or weight restrictions. Call the hotel before booking for pets other than a dog or cat.
At Canopy, your pet receives a doggie treat bag, a stuffy toy, poop bags, bowls, a placemat, and a dog-centered concierge list of activities and itinerary items.
Canopy by Hilton
Canopy by Hilton is often highly ranked for its generous pet amenities and policies. Dogs and cats are welcome at over two dozen of their properties, but each has its own policy.
Loews offers gourmet room service for dogs and cats, so no one feels left out of the posh hotel experience. Unlike other hotels, thoughtful 'pet in room' signs are used.
Most Hampton by Hilton locations are pet-friendly, though you need to be mindful that each hotel can have its policies on allowing pets to stay.
Hampton by Hilton
There aren't any big perks for pets staying at Hampton, but there are over 2,700 budget- and pet-friendly locations in 31 countries.
You won't find big pet perks at Choice Hotel locations, but there are over 3,500 pet-friendly affordable properties in the U.S., with many just off the highway.
Choice Hotels
Hotels under the Choice Hotels brand, such as Country Inn & Suites, are cost-effective and, due to their locations, tend to have pretty large grassy areas around them.