The Milky Way as seen from Death Valley National Park
Book Your Next Camping Adventure At These California National Parks
Castle Mountains offers three campgrounds across diverse landscapes with elements of the Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree National Park.
Castle Mountains Monument
The sunset and sunrise are stunners, and the views of the Joshua Tree forests mingled with the desert landscape and distant mountains create a zen-like vibe.
This collection of five islands is only accessible by boat, and once there, you'll be traveling on foot to where you'll be setting up for the night.
Channel Islands National Park
Each island has one campground (reservations needed), and only two islands permit backcountry camping. The views of the water, rocky islands, and sea caves are well worth the trip.
This sweltering national park offers gorgeous views of the Milky Way, Badwater Basin's salt flats, dunes, and mountain ranges.
Death Valley National Park
There are public and private campgrounds, and backcountry camping is permitted in some areas of the park. However, it is not recommended to attempt this in the hotter months.
No matter where you camp within this park, great care has to be taken with any fires, and you'll need to bring your own wood or purchase some from a vendor within the park.
This park has 500 campsites in eight campgrounds, each with a unique view of nature and the area's funky namesake trees.
Joshua Tree National Park
This national park is more than just its Joshua trees. Canyons, flats, and overlooks provide desert views of the gorgeous place and the wildlife that thrives there.
Snowy mountains and picturesque lakes await you on a trip to this park, and you can luckily reserve a campsite in the park with both views.
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Seven campgrounds are throughout the park, but some are closed due to fire damage. If you plan to backcountry camp, you will need a wilderness permit.