Hikers scale a snowy ridge on Mount Everest
Bucket-List Destinations Around The World For Avid Hikers To Visit
This hiking trail is perfect for new and experienced hikers, whether you have a guide or not. It is only open from mid-May to mid-October.
Grand Canyon, Arizona
At a 20-mile-plus distance with an elevation gain of over 5,000 feet, this journey is considered strenuous. You can hike it south to north or north to south.
Due to the intense heat, this trail is best completed in the morning and can be done in one day, but you can get permits to make it a multi-day backpacking and camping experience.
Known as one of the most popular hiking experiences in the world, the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek in Nepal is beyond bucket-list worthy.
Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal
With a moderate difficulty level, most experienced hikers complete this once-in-a-lifetime route in two weeks. Due to the high elevation and altitude, training is recommended.
The 80-mile trek from Lukla to EBC and back is no small feat, but possible with determination, a legally-required guide, and a well-pre-planned itinerary.
Prices start at $1,600 per person for the standard two-week trek. This includes round-trip flights, accommodations, permits, and meals.
Located in Australia, this hike offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travelerblog miles of coastline, go on a Goblin Forest walk, and see mystical waterfalls.
Bay of Fires, Tasmania
There is a balanced mix of easy, moderate, and challenging terrain on trails that are less than five miles long, except Binalong Bay Loop, which is about eight miles.
The 37.9-mile route is a remote, four-day hike. Self-guided exploration is possible or you can get a tour starting at $1,500 per person, which includes camping and food.
Located in Marlborough, this trek allows avid hikers to experience pristine mountain-like ridges, untouched wilderness, and dreamy coastlines.
Queen Charlotte Track, NZ
This 43-plus mile footpath takes three to five days to complete and is considered moderately challenging, mainly due to the length rather than walkability.
Since this multi-use route stretches across private lands, a permit is required, and overnight accommodations should be made in advance.
While self-guided exploration is allowed, you can get fully guided tours that include lodging, water transportation, equipment, and meals for $2,720 per person.
Fans of long-distance hikes should head to the charming village of Les Houches in Chamonix Valley in the French Alps to cross this trek off their bucket list.
Tour du Mont Blanc, France
The TBM is 105 miles long and goes through France, Italy, and Switzerland. It’s broken up into 11 legs with several access points.
This incredibly scenic multi-day hike requires expert hiking experience or pre-hike training with a reasonable fitness level, as it is classified as a strenuous hike.
A guided tour around the Mont Blac mountain range is not required; most avid hikers complete this multi-country excursion in 11 days or so.