The Sphere in Las Vegas
Everything You Need To Know About The $2 Billion Las Vegas Sphere
The Sphere is a new entertainment venue with a huge dome screen on its exterior and is linked by a walkway to the Venetian Convention & Expo Center.
What Is Sphere?
The Sphere is a marvel of technology and engineering. Its exterior curves over 580,000 square feet — the equivalent of about 10 American football fields.
Why Is It Special?
Its LED screen, called the Exosphere, is the biggest on the planet and can be programmed to show anything in incredible clarity. It is visible for miles around.
The Exosphere is perfectly suited to creating images of round objects with mind-blowing definition, like the moon, a snow globe, or a basketball.
What Can It Do?
The inside has plenty more bells and whistles that will take a concert performance, theatrical show, or cinematic experience to a level hereto unknown.
The Sphere was unveiled to the public on July 4, 2023, with the simple "Hello World" message before bursting into a virtual show of fireworks and animations.
When Does It Open?
Since then, there have been regular Exosphere updates on social media, but the interior remains a mystery. The venue officially opens on September 29, 2023, with a concert from U2.
The beauty of some of the images experienced thus far has transported viewers to a place of childlike wonder that transcends everyday life.
Is It Cool?