Anthony Bourdain standing with sunglasses on
Find Great Places To Eat When Traveling With Anthony Bourdain's Tips
Anthony Bourdain was arguably best known for traveling the world while sampling delicious and exotic foods, and he offered his advice for choosing the best local food spots.
The TV host once revealed to Bon Appétit that, from his experience, it's best to pay less attention to the food and more attention to the local people when choosing where to eat.
The celebrity chef added that the best street food stalls attract a variety of people from the community who don't mind going out of their way to nab their favorite food.
"I look to see if locals are willing to inconvenience themselves and wait in line for a long time to get something that only costs a dollar fifty," he explained.
Keep in mind that getting the tastiest restaurant meal might require overlooking a little dirt in the bathroom. He told Money, "They know their food is good and that's enough."
Bourdain also warned against going to tourist spots — avoid places with English translations or pictures generally designed to attract tourists, not locals.
If you're still unsure where to eat or want to plan your meals in advance, use foodie websites, discussion boards, Facebook groups, Reddit boards, and other online communities.