Toothpaste being squeezed onto a toothbrush
Hotels Rarely Provide Toothpaste For This Unexpected Reason
Toothpaste is one common item that is conspicuously absent from hotel bathrooms around the world. The reason behind this exclusion is not as straightforward as one might think.
One reason for the lack of toothpaste stems from health codes. Unlike soap and shampoo, classified as general toiletries, toothpaste is considered a personal care item or drug.
Toothpaste is considered a drug in America because it contains fluoride, and hotels must manage an inventory of items with expiration dates.
Another factor is cost and logistics. Toothpaste can be relatively more expensive than bulk-purchased soaps and shampoos, and the tubes cannot be refilled as easily.
Many travelers are particular about the brand and type of toothpaste they use, so hotels might conclude that providing a generic brand of toothpaste could disappoint guests.
AAA, the hotel-rating firm, doesn't grade hotels on toothpaste selections. Amenities are picked based on consumer research, and toothpaste is not something guests usually ask for.