Woman riding a bike near the Eifel tower in Paris
How To Experience Paris Like A Parisian
Learning basic phrases, being able to engage somewhat in conversation, and understanding the menu can help make your Paris getaway safer and more relaxed. Pleasantries are a crucial part of the culture (in fact, they are pretty much mandatory), so knowing the basics go a long way with locals.
Speak The Language
When travelers book a stay at a villa, an Airbnb, or a short-term apartment in some gorgeous city section, they tend to connect with the culture almost effortlessly, if not instantly. Plus, with approximately 20 Arrondissements or neighborhoods in the city, visitors definitely have some options when looking to stay local.
Less Formal Accommodations
Paris has great public transportation. Their underground transportation system is one of the most comprehensive in the world and makes getting around Paris easy, and while there are Ubers, taxis, and other driving or rideshare options, most Parisians tend to favor the Metro.
Ride The Metro
The City of Lights has hundreds of miles of cycle paths and countless biking tours. If you want to do Paris like a local, use the inexpensive Vélib' Métropole bicycle rental service, which has locations throughout the city.
Bike Around Town
Paris is full of seasonal events, concerts, and happenings and many of these key events are free to all. With free shows like Fête de Musique, celebrations for Bastille Day, a chance to catch a leg of Le Tour de France, and the world-famous Fashion week, visitors have ample opportunities to have fun and feel like a local.
Check Out Key Events